The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


New English trailer…with English dub voices.


lots of extra open world things, they have several information postings on their twitter, like getting on towers adds more information on the map for things to find.


New character vids…


Yuan Shao

Deng Ai


Zhu Ran

Cao Xiu[/details]


DW9 open world gameplay…


ah I’ll avoid that video perhaps, wanna keep the exploration fresh.

Samurai Warriors 5 could be soooo gorgeous being open world. SW4/E still have the greatest graphics among musou games. a Warring States Japan SW5 that’s fully open world would be jaw dropping. though the next SWEmpires should be more roleplaying based (like DW7E and DW8E), instead of micromanaging a clan. people should be able to start as a peasant, start their own bandit group, or get recruited into a clan and work up the ranks. and have option to start as a ruler as well.


So…possible DLC/XL characters?
I know PC players are going to mod them to be playable.

More character vids:


Zhang He

Sun Shangxiang

Ma Dai

Pang Tong

Guo Huai[/details]

I really miss the old English VAs…


Free mode confirmed!!

Chinese voiceovers are included!!


More DW9 character vids…

Cai Wenji
Han Dang
Fa Zheng
Wen Yang
Meng Huo


New JP vid about the combat system.

Renders of the UNPCs…


Xiahouji - Xiahou Yuan’s neice and Zhang Fei’s wife. In the ROTK she was abducted by Zhang Fei at 12/13 years old and made his wife. Likely Zhang Bao’s and Xingcai’s mother in the game.
Weapon is Sword + Shield

Dong Bai - Granddaughter of Dong Zhuo. She was given her passage to adulthood ceremony and a grand title at an unceremoniously young age. Spoiled as hell.
Weapon is Flail

Hua Xiong - Served Dong Zhuo. He stalled the Allied Forces from reaching Luoyang, until he was bested by Guan Yu.
Weapon is Club.

Yuan Shu - Half-brother to Yuan Shao. After Dong Zhuo’s demise, he declared himself emperor of the short-lived Zhong Dynasty, and was then branded a traitor to the Han.
Weapon is Kris(??)


Yuan Shu looks very uninspired, like a bootleg Zhang Jiao. I expectedd Koei to make him look more regal.

Also I’m real interested to see how they are going to introduce Xiahouji with her fucked up history and all.

Hua Xiong looks beastly, shoulda been playable.


fucked up history? her fucked up history is also Zhang Fei’s fucked up history. though DW history =/= original history. if people judge DW characters based on their original history, and don’t want Xiahouji to be added, then Zhang Fei shouldnt be in the games either since he’s the one that did the crimes committed, whether Xiahouji is in the games or not. Those not wanting the girl to be added to the story, but allowing a kidnapper that forced an underage girl into marriage; a rapist, into the games and roster, have no business condemning Xiahouji from being included in Dynasty Warriors games, without demanding Zhang Fei to be banned first from the series before Xiahouji.

anyways Xiahou Ji profile in english, as well as other profiles. Koei did well remaking her story, now sensitive people fearful of history’s realities can’t complain


a video


More DW9 character vids…


Zuo Ci

Sima Zhao

Zhang Bao

Guan Xing


Yue Jin

Pang De[/details]

English gameplay.

Man…the English dub sounds bad.
Why does this Zhang Fei sound like a doofus?


DW9 opening clip…not my favorite.


The DW9 season pass content…not gonna be happy if the 4 UNPCs are simply locked by a paywall.


I’ll likely wait for the deluxe/complete/Definitive edition to come out like I did with 8.


If they are going the Season Pass route then they should offer more than 3 damn weapons. That’s not going to make a difference with a roster of about 90. They could of at least gave us 10. :neutral:


hey. name a open world game that gives you 90 playable historical/story characters in the base game, not counting DLC.
DW9 already has more unique playable and personality filled characters than all Zelda games combined.

people are too entitlement obsessed and penny pinchers to understand how costly videogame development is rising these days.
new games should be costing $100 minimum these days, there’s too much generations of them only costing $60.

videogames are a luxury, if you too cheap to buy DLC you want, your loss.

and the season pass is much more than weapons. just purchase what you want to use.

Anyways I’ll just purchase the characters/scenario pack. that is awesome the UNPCs become playable, and have their own scenario, event and actions!! that really is giving the extra characters red carpet treatment compared to games that just add DLC characters and that’s it. I wouldn’t even mind if the DLC just made them playable with no extra story attached and no new weapons, but the extra scenarios, events and actions are a plus!

Dynasty Warriors 9 is gonna be one of the GREATEST masterpieces of all time!!


Saner…stop with the shilling.

More DW9 character vids:


Cao Ren

Li Dian

Huang Gai

Ding Feng

Liu Shan

Guan Yinping

Zhuge Dan

Dong Zhuo[/details]