The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


Pre-order costumes showcase.

I think I’m going to do my first run using the Chinese audio…


Overall positive reviews!!


Does it have an Empire mode? Otherwise, don’t curr.


Okay…what review is that from?

Wait for the Empires expansion then…


Game has Chinese audio? Did they do that in 8? I don’t remember lol…either way fuck yea.


Nah…first time KT has done it for a new Dynasty Warriors game.


What the hell did they do to the English VAs? They were supposed to get better not get worse.


Probably best news I’ve heard bout the game in awhile.
RotK games are always more enjoyable with Mandarin over Japanese audio lol…


well I think DW3 or DW4 had Chinese VAs, but exclusively to the eastern version.

DW9 is the first to have Chinese VAs included internationally in the series.

also those reviews are from Famitsu.


DW9 Pre-order / early purchase details for XBone, PS4…and Steam.

Man…I can’t get behind the English dubbing.


I think they could sell the extra characters separately later as DLC, it would save people money that aren’t interested in the other season pass content.

oh yea and they said they are developing a patch to add a new mode that has improved framerate.



Yeah…DW9 not good.

Kind of regret Day One’ing this.

At the very least…they should be patching these framerate issues.


Glad I decided to skip this one.


Yeah…a lot of stuff coming about this game.

The English dub is just terrible IMO…word from Chinese players is that even the Chinese dub is bad.

Severe lag in certain parts of the game…I hope they fix this ASAP.




From the sounds of it my friend seems to be correct when he told me that this didn’t feel like a DW game and it’d be smart to skip it.


I know right?

I mean I like the new combat system…and the new take on stories of the ROTK.

Although I don’t like how Chi Bi was done in this iteration…DW8’s Chi Bi remains my favorite.


Never watched a video from this guy before, but this has solidified me wanting to skip this title. First DW game I have ever not bothered to buy…


why would you post that pretentious prick’s review?
ya’ll are so easy for negativity to consume.

it’s dumb to evaluate DW9 with the same goggles used to evaluate old school stage based DW beat em ups.

with that logic, no Castlevania fan would be a SOTN/metridvania/IGAvania fan since SOTN is clearly NOT a Castlevania game by Castlevania I, III, IV and X’s standards and formula.

also despite being open world and very different from conventional CVs, Castlevania 2 is still one of the greatest Castlevanais ever created.

CV Harmony of Despair is a masterpiece too.

if ya’ll dont think outsidethe box, ya’ll will fail to see DW9 is in a league of its own in hybrid genre and standards.

Also a patch is coming to give better framerate setting.

those that don’t “get” open world and incompatible with this new musou open world hybrid, have no business judging DW9.

Not sure if it’s PC only, but someone said turning off destination guide improves framerate.

and the improved framerate patch is coming