The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


I have the game set on absolute minimum and I get consistent drops to 15fps…
.I can run the witcher 3 at 60fps…vs a ps3 looking empty open world horse riding simulator.
Troll better please…


assfinity wrote:

Please explain to the masses how you let this idea pass through your head and thought that it made even a modicum of sense. :coffee:


Idk if this addresses the PC fps issues at all.


The next installment of Musou Orochi is coming…


Warriors Orochi 4 is coming to the West…


Glad they fixed all the issues with 9, and are ready to start on another!


They have been working on Warriors Orochi 4 for some time…explains why it’s coming out this year.

DW9 is looking better after the updates…and reportedly more patches coming.


Dynasty Warriors The live action movie trailer…


Can they outdo Three Kingdoms is the question.


Recent update details for Dynasty Warriors 9 across the PS4, XBone…and Steam.

Gonna try it out this weekend.


Photo mode is really fun to play with…take a screenshot of the gameplay and mess with it.

Named officers and Bandit leaders have a chance of dropping new Epic gems.
I don’t like that the gems are RNG based.


Torn about using DLC to de-clone characters that were unique in the previous installments…



170?! :scream: It took me forever to max out everyone in 3. Now I have to do it with even more characters.


I still haven’t even maxed out half the WO3U roster…

Not gonna BS…I am salty about this ATM.


With how bad DW9 ended up being I’m
Afraid of picking up another musou game for a while.


I’m kind of curious how they’re going to implement the story here seeing as 3 basically ended everything.


Update to this article…

A PC version of Warriors Orochi 4 will also be released, albeit at a later date than the console versions in Japan.
Of the 170 playable characters in Warriors Orochi 4, five are new and have still yet to be revealed. The enemy this time is Zeus. The five new characters are likely to be chosen from the Twelve Olympians such as Athena and Poseidon.
The new “Divine Art Action” system adds new elements such as Divine Arts and Deification.
Collaboration characters such as Ryu Hayabusa will not appear in the game.

Wow…no collab characters this time?
The enemy is Zeus?


Pretty sure it’s Zeus…


If we don’t get Kratos as a guest character…