The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


chars list page:


Sword and Hook DLC gameplay…I’m still salty.


… still salty.


DW9 has been updated…


A short gameplay footage of Warriors Orochi 4…there’s supposed to be a livestream later today.


Dat Kaihime thumb though.


New details on Warriors Orochi 4…



Hopefully WO4 won’t be a fucking catastrophe like dw9 was.




Lol, I’m surprised you remember that :tup:


Just the English trailer…and release date for WO4.


It looks…interesting?


I want to get it…but I know I won’t have the time to max out over 170 characters.

It’s basically what I do with Warrior Orochi games.

Likely I’ll wait for a price cut.


I’m going to wait and see more of it once it releases to see if I want it or not. I thankfully missed a bullet when I skipped dw9 because I hated how the open world was and how most the characters were just clones of other characters. So now I’m a little cautious/anxious to buy another musou atm


Finally the DW9 character DLC is trickling out…


The Musou attacks for the DLC characters.

The only reason I’d opt to get the DLC pack is to play as Dong Bai…but I’m lowkey waiting for the possible expansion.

  • 19:48 to 31:30

Firstly, Furusawa went over what’s unique about this entry:

  • There are 170 characters playable in total. While only five are new characters to this entry, 29 of them are characters who haven’t been playable in the Orochi subseries.

  • Warriors Orochi 4 has Online Mode (not just online story co-op), and Online Mode-specific content in a first for the entire Musou series. More will be shared regarding this later on. Furusawa later states that because there is an online 3v3 mode in the game, online content will support up to six players at once, despite the game box saying ‘For 1-2 players’.

  • Of course, online and offline (splitscreen) co-op gameplay will be making a return in this game.



Perseus is part of WO4…

I hope these outfits come to the WEST.