**The E. Z.**

ill be there at 7 till 10:00

someone needs to hook me up with a rideeeeeee!!! PLzzzzzz

ok, i might be going there tonight, just a little bitty later than before. i might be bringing someone with me, he plays marvel too. =]

wheres it going down tonight.

they dont know about the frozen throne…KORNGO beastin on this guy chunkstaaaaaaaa

And then it got serious… 8-10 chunk


psylocke reflys = too good. wtfffff!!!

marvel this friday. remember, shawty is the shiiieeeeeet.

Post what time you guys will be there, and so will I.

fosho shinobi! we might actually play on saturday night lol

i wanna play!

ill be there from 7-10, anyone going at all today?

is it going down tonight?

No action last night huh? :frowning: Anyone down for Friday night?

its goin down everyweek! red christmas tree!:looney:

Like tonight? I’ll stop by and play a couple games around 8:00ish. I wish we could of got some games in a couple weeks ago when I was practicing everyday. Now I’m probably going to miss all my stuff.

-KORNGO posting on woo’s nick.

so what’s the deal, is it going down tonight at the e-z? let a nigga know asap!

i’m trying to play today and tonight!!! let’s doooooooo this!!!

me and the art man were gonna slide threw to woo’s but i heard hes moms comin home…so lets get some shit crackin tonight

chuuuuup, woo’s parents are coming home today, so no more gaming at the space lab. but i’m be back in concord no later than like 5:30. so let’s this crackin!!! i still fiending!!! bwaaaah!!!

wassup with asian jon, perry, all of them?


Lets Play East Bay Cats Lets Do It Yee Yeee Aeyaaaaaa Me Want Play Asap!

GG’s everybody. Shinobi! where were you! we got there around 9.

fuckin arthur!!! i want my REVENGE!!!