The ebten GG Xrd stick


Did anyone else get this? I’m curious to know other people’s opinions on it. What character button came with yours? Mine was Elphelt and I read that one other person got May.

The main thing I wanted to ask about were the papers that came with the stick; I was hoping someone could translate them. The first is the manual that came with the extra art panels:

These came in the smaller envelope that included the character button.

Last thing is: how do I change the artwork? I know I have to take the nubs off the front but I don’t want to scratch the plexiglass.

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That’s a nice stick, so how do you like it?

Guilty gear xrd revelator fightstick teardown

Well, I’m new to having an arcade stick, so my opinion counts for very little around here. I really like it though! It was an expensive item but I think it was worth the money. It is made by Sanwa after all.


Congrats and enjoy it, I looks real good but I never knew it existed before so I pre-order the GG Xrd stick from Madcatz


I’m not going to translate the whole thing, but here is some info:
First image, just regular manual, included parts blablabla

To change the art you gotta unlock the 4 rivets by pressing them from the underside using a metal tool they included, like they show at the bottom at the second image you posted.

The last 2:

A letter of apology because the stick release was delayed and couldn’t hit the market when they said it would (pretty common thing to apologize for things like this in Japan) AND the other one is kinda like a warning saying that the flexible sheet (the plexi, I suppose) can expand and shrink with temperature. If that happens, unlock the rivets, put everything back into position and lock it again.

Hope it helps.

Edit: Oh, I forgot, it says that that they included a tin badge as an apology.


anything with a non-viewlix layout has my attention


Thank you! That helps a lot. That also explains the little bag with extra rivets and a metal stick that came with the whole thing. I was wondering about that.


I was hoping there were pictures of the actual stick inside and out…or outside at least.


You can Google the stick name and find it pretty easily. I looked at it the other day.


I hope I’m not the only one here who got this stick. I figured at least one of you got one for yourselves or for review (like d3v). I remember back when it was first mentioned on SRK:


Are these still available to order?

Wish these came to the US so we have more stick options. I wouldn’t know how to go about navigation a Japanese website to buy…


I ordered mine from I also saw it up for pre-order at play-asia for $100 more or so. Unfortunately, both stores say “out of stock/out of print.” You might try Japan’s ebay or other auction sites. I’m sure there are those who bought it with the intent of immediately selling it; just be prepared to pay a lot more for it.


I meant pictures of the real good stuff (inside). Although, if the owner is not comfortable about it, it’s fine.


Anyone having issues with the sound on the stick not working while playing Guilty Gear Xrd? If I play the game with a pad, sound ouputs just fine. I did go into the controller volume settings on the PS4, but the option is greyed out and can’t be adjusted when the stick is plugged in. The volume knob on the stick is set to max, btw.


That option is only usable on Sony brand Dual Shock 4 controllers with use on the PS4.
Similar to the Wii Remote, the Dual Shock 4 has a mini speaker for some game sounds.

As of this date there are no sticks that can use the Controller volume setting in the PS4 (this includes the Hori V4 and the PS4 version of the Mad Catz TE 2).


We haven’t been sent one of these for review though.


The difference between the Ebten stick and the others you mention is the fact that it has a built in speaker meant to ouput audio, along with a volume knob, while the others as far as I know do not. What else would be the purpose of this feature? Why have it and also add to the cost of the stick if it is not supported?


A stick with speakers in it?

Where in the SAM-HILL is the Bloody speakers and output Audio?


Gummo did it first


That a mod, we’re talking sticks coming stock with speakers.

P.S. don’t quote images.