"THE ECONOMY BLOWZ ($1 TOURNAMENTS)" @ Denjin Arcade - 1/31 - Simi Valley, CA


The economy blows…
CR is over…
Ty moved to AZ…
That doesn’t mean we should stop playing!

This Saturday, Denjin Arcade will host $1 tournaments for:

Street Fighter 4 (1v1)
BlazBlue (1v1)
CvS2 (1v1)
3rd Strike (3v3)

8 players minimum to begin the tournament
$1 Entry Fee, Winner take all
1 game, single elimination
Rounds will be set 3 out of 5 (except for CvS2 and 3rd Strike)
One character / team only

Sign ups start at 6pm
Tournament starts at 7pm

Tournaments can be run for other games if there is a demand.

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 9306



Emphasis on…

hope to see everyone there

goorai OUUTTT


1$ Tournaments are amazing!


woo ill go for 3 of the games! $1 tournaments are awesome! is 3s gonna be random teams or no?


set teams


Sweet. I’m in for 3s. Now to find to other people…


who wants mr.keeperjin on their team? lol


keep in mind that most of the time ppl go to these tournaments without a set team. no man is left behind!


i’ll destroy people at melty blood if shogo puts it back in


This is very tempting… :smile:
Who needs a teammate?


LOL @ “THE ECONOMY BLOWZ ($1 TOURNAMENTS)”. Totally down for these.

-Tha Hindu


Anybody need a Ken for threes? :]


yo busta i’ll team with you in 3s if you show me some more abel stuff in sf4


count me in for


Busta I’ll teach you cvs2 whenever we have a chance :tup:


Wow this thread got sticky’d WAY faster than when we made the CR thread! :rofl:


hey fuck you shogo.

you need move your arcade close to the rest of the world because I’m poor.


i think that these tournaments should be $10 so that the winner can stimulate the economy


Dang, bean. You’re too sick for making that drive from your place to Denjin.


well ima run a Super T tournament hopefully i can get at least 8 peeps :stuck_out_tongue: just shogo said he will put the cab up woot!! anyways hit me up


i wanna carpool
the kind where I dont drive