THE ECONOMY BLOWZ (3s, SF4, CvS2, BB, ST?) @ Denjin Arcade - 2/21 - Simi Valley, CA


Fuck playing online and fuck Gamestop! After you’ve got your shitty ass headband go to Denjin! This might be the last ECONOMY BLOWZ!

For SF4 CvS2 and BB
$1 entry, winner take all
3/5 rounds, single elim

If enough people show for 3s we’ll do…
$1 entry ($3 per team), winner take all
2/3 rounds, single elim

Sign ups start at 7pm
Tournament starts at 8pm

Tournaments can be run for other games if there is a demand (ST CESAR!!). If anybody thinks they might be cutting it close from the GS tourney post up and we’ll work something out.

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063


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I’ll try to show after winning my headband. I haven’t even played sf4 since the last time I went to denjin either.




I think im gonna make it out for sum cvs2 and sf4


ill try my best to make it out. why the last one?!?!? these things are tight.


as cool as they are we really need to start having $5 tournaments again (break time is over), :lovin:


but the economy blows!!!

edit: im down with 5 dollar tournaments still :woot:



I’m winning SF4 this weekend.



ill definitely be there then if yi is gonna play sf4.


yi lvl up in sf4 yo


Level up your L4D Ken!

I see you on Live again… lets play L4d!!


Just called the Simi Gamestop at the mall… So they’re going to have it on the demo unit in the store, you have to use the regular 360 controllers, won’t allow you to bring your own sticks.



yup, ill see you there if you go scoota. still not sure if i can make it out to this tourny.


Good luck in round 2 Busta… pretty sure no-one at our store even had the slightest chance.