THE ECONOMY BLOWZ (Last minute 3s tourney) @ Denjin Arcade - 2/13 - Simi Valley, CA

We ended up running a single elim Mi Ka Do style tournament.

  1. 5star
  2. Colossus aka mistaaa bean
  3. Vinny the medium boy
  4. let blood run

to all the top placers I say


Thank you to those of you who made the effort to show up on short notice. You are all my valentines :lovin: no homo

how many entrants?


18 entrants



where is goorai

was fun, thanks for the tic kara throw advice pherai, got it down :]

why didn’t I uppercut chip bean :frowning:

glad to hear it, now use it next tournament :badboy:

sadly goorai was peaced out early. i heard it was a fierce battle