The Ed Thread - Yo Adrian, I did it!

“Well ain’t you a high def picture of strength?” - Ed, the people’s saviour.

Alright runts, the second coming of our lord and savior Cody Travers is now revealed. And if Cody, Balrog, Dudley and Bison got together for an intense orgy and ejaculated into one small tube in unison Ed is what would emerge 8 months later.

From Harrison’s blog post -

"At a young age, Ed was kidnapped and experimented on by S.I.N., a division of Shadaloo, in order to become a replacement body for M. Bison. Many of you might remember a young Ed appearing in Rose’s Street Fighter IV story and Balrog’s story in Super Street Fighter IV. Due to the experiments, Ed’s body ages faster than normal humans until they are old enough to be suited for battle. Since Balrog raised Ed, his fighting is centered on boxing but since he carries M. Bison’s genes, his fighting style is enhanced by Psycho Power.

Night after night he is troubled by Bison’s ghost, and struggles desperately to prevent M. Bison from possessing his body. Be sure to check out his character story to find out more!"

His story sounds cool.

Here are some photos of my husbando -

I would like him inside of me. I want him to hold me and tell me that I’m high definition.


I didn’t like the stills pics but he looks pretty sick in motion.


Special attacks are 2 buttons, the EX versions require you to press all 3.

from Capcom

Also looks like he only gets one ball that goes full screen for v trigger and has smaller shots that seem to go like Dans fireball.

VT is 2 bars, calling it right now.

Saying that Eddie looks like a Jojo’s character is an insult to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


That premium is grade S++++

Will be insta copped

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Some notes from the trailer:

0:12 - Ed’s hand clips through his cape lol

0:20 - st. LK -> st. LP -> Psycho Flicker (machinegun blow)

0:23 - st. HK Crush Counter -> dash st. LP -> Psycho Rising (upkick) -> Psycho Splash (ground drop)

0:28 - j.MP -> antiair Psycho Snatcher (V-Skill) -> j. HP

0:29 - Psycho Snatcher-> Psycho Rising -> EX Psycho Splash -> EX Psycho Upper (uppercut)

0:36 - j.MK -> st. MP -> cr. MK -> Psycho Upper

0:37 - Psycho Knuckle (forward-propelling punch) -> st. HP -> Psycho Spark (projectile) -> charged Psycho Knuckle

0:42 - st. HP Crush Counter -> EX Psycho Shot (projectile) -> EX Psycho Upper

0:45 - st. MP -> cr. HP -> VTC -> dash st. MP -> cr. MP -> Psycho Spark -> Psycho Knuckle

0:50 - j. HP -> st. MP -> cr. HP -> VTC -> dash cr. MP -> antiair Psycho Snatcher -> Psycho Upper -> Psycho Barrage (Critical Art)


Also he has 3/5 on everything except Mobility (4)

They called the forward punch “Psycho Knuckle”. They don’t give a shit at this point


Ed V-Skill remind me Nero’s arm, snatch in particular

Also his CA remind me Nero punching the Pope LOL (1:28)

DMC4 bless

Burn Knuckle -> Psycho Knuckle, I see you Capcom

I will EDit this post later

In process of setting up a Discord for Ed.

Another idea for the title
"The Ed Thread - In Shadaloo, Nazis punch you"

The Ed Thread - Psycho Duffs for Days

The Ed Thread - Welcome to Psycho Duff City

Is Ed dead? The psycho babble blonde boxer thread.