The Educational Video Thread (First Post Updated)


This thread will link to various types of tutorial videos for MvC2 and its characters. I’ll also link to good matches that have demonstrate of how to play a certain character properly. The point is to create some kind of database for educational content.

It’s going to be a work in progress. Post up videos and I’ll add them onto this post when I get the chance.

I’ll cross post this onto Preppy’s thread once it gets filled out some. This is following the idea of posting the “best” matches//combovideos out there.



Beginner Magneto Tutorial [media=youtube]IWW2IkIsfGk[/media] by Magnetro
How to SJC Magneto’s HK Tutorial [media=youtube]GietphldoMw[/media] by Magnetro
How to do the ROM Infinite (in Spanish) [media=youtube]SiN7kbKR3sc[/media] by Asccort


Iron Man***

Iron Man Combos (lots of relaunches) [media=youtube]CEnUsvLmV5g[/media] by KillaKelly
Iron Man How to do his Infinites [media=youtube]NNaq0GuRVno[/media] by Pasta Ball
Ironman Air to ground combos [media=youtube]ul_F3WyS-c0[/media] by Beats of Devil


BHE Part 1-A [media=youtube]tMyv1OwLVvA by Magnetro & BlackheartKing | DL page[/media]
BHE Part 1-B [media=youtube]GoHwvM-DWEg by Magnetro & BlackheartKing | DL page[/media]
BHE Part 2-A [media=youtube]39UsrWg9sBw by Magnetro & BlackheartKing | DL page[/media]
BHE Part 2-B [media=youtube]b_KaKK3MYMk by Magnetro & BlackheartKing | DL page[/media]



Cyclops Infinite [media=youtube]gVJsRcIVuLU[/media] by KillaKelly

Captain Commando



Charlie Stuff (actual tutorial) [media=youtube]vCc_z7ea0DU[/media] by Shoultzula
Charlie Stuff (actual tutorial) [media=youtube]qVavQ-zUy2o[/media] by Shoultzula
Charlie Tutorial [media=youtube]73O7SQyCb30[/media] by Higher Jin

Dhalsim DVD FLASHVIDEO by Magnetro | DL page:

Ruby Heart
Ruby Heart Tutorial [media=youtube]yotxQ3CDDTU[/media] by Magnetro

Spider-Man Mini-Tutorial 1 [media=youtube]-jMzKFb5RCc[/media] by Shoultzula
Spider-Man Mini-Tutorial 2 [media=youtube]pmUmyH7dcDA[/media] by Shoultzula
Spider-Man Mini-Tutorial 3 [media=youtube]Q8ru9vb_Gmw[/media] by Shoultzula
Spider-Man Mini-Tutorial 3.5 [media=youtube]62RXLgKULoQ[/media] by Shoultzula

ECZangief Stuff [media=youtube]yWBYrxoPpME&feature=channel_page[/media] by ECZangief

Team-Z Tutorials (Doom Tron Juggernaut)
Tron [media=youtube]9Oazp23Q5SQ[/media] by MikeZ
Juggernaut [media=youtube]_vJek23o8to[/media] by MikeZ
Doom [media=youtube]LGrvOCMU6ys[/media] by MikeZ

Chun-Li Combos 2 (Infinite setups etc) [media=youtube]AFWUAAMSnMo[/media] by Shin Chan
Chun-Li Tutorial [media=youtube]mkJRUrygAy0[/media] by Risu

Anakaris Match Highlights - by Dereklearnslow









*“”] - Anak’s command throw (his only throw btw) comes in handy in many situations.








I’ll post stuff later. Post stuff and I’ll update the first post later.

Youtube // Downloadable video is fine.


Higher Jin’s Charlie Tutorial.

BHK and Magnetro Blackheart Tutorials.

Magnetro’s Magneto Tutorial.

Magnetro’s Ruby Heart Tutorial.

Psylocke Infinite.

Shoultzula’s Charlie Videos.

Magnetro Dhalsim Video.


Can anyone post up good matches demonstrating how to properly play a character?



I think this is a decent demonstration about spidey’s loops mid game. You can see the damage potential he has from the vids.

chun li

[media=youtube]AFWUAAMSnMo[/media] - shin chan
[media=youtube]mkJRUrygAy0[/media] - risu

the team z stuff


eczangiefs gief stuff


he’s got some other gief vids, random clips of properties and some speed up wovlie stuff.


Ok, added yours.

Can you provide strider stuff?


i always liked this one to show mag



I was thinking about making a Jill video. I just need to record it and it should be done fairly soon.

EDIT* Technical difficulty with the computer, so I can’t edit… T_T
And my comp plug sparked so I can’t use that one either. (Waiting on the replacement)


Question regarding the Magnetro Magnus tutorial vid.

How did you do the bit with all the throws? Continuously throwing with FP?


The dummy was mashing to get out of the throw. That allowed Magneto to throw him over and over very quickly. The BGM for the video (Magneto tutorial) is [media=youtube]HN_hJEOxV18[/media] I stumbled across it recently.


Some of my better Anakaris matches, courtesy of Romneto.

[media=youtube]ktg7kDtSrZQ#t=1m12s[/media] - Throw into option select mixup.

[media=youtube]oplyu9LUxRU#t=0m42s[/media] - Failed throw attempt, into failed FS (FSD?), into launch combo. Snakes would have killed him if I mashed properly (though it still did some dmg).

[media=youtube]SpEdJw3x7Gw#t=1m11s[/media] - Spidey’s low stamina + resetting damage scale with curse = dead Spider-man

[media=youtube]WR8Fkfp1bbA#t=0m51s[/media] - Anakaris’s launcher is very very good.

[media=youtube]u9rnNG6bRoc#t=0m13s[/media] - Highlights Anakaris’s excellent reach and zoning game in the beginning of the match.

[media=youtube]KWmObMnaWM4#t=1m39s[/media] - Gaurd break on incoming Storm.

[media=youtube]oPImHYM7ftw#t=0m47s[/media] - Snake super has weird properties that makes him safe all around for the most part, as you can see when it trades with Storm’s close

[media=youtube]PvJG0O3dCfM#t=0m12s[/media] - Anak’s long limbed magic strings + doom rocks can create a safe ghetto blockstun trap (if done properly) not unlike Strider/Doom. Also Anak is a godlike battery for Cable.

[media=youtube]7_s2kotmIFo#t=0m30s[/media] - Anak’s command throw (his only throw btw) comes in handy in many situations.

[media=youtube]X94j9gsLfnk#t=0m46s[/media] - More option select ground throw gimmickery. You actually have to input his throw command (qcf + p) as if you were facing the original direction, in this case right. He turns around automatically as long as the opponent is on the other side. Also, mid screen gb on Sentinel at the end.

[media=youtube]ds2EIn4kwS0#t=1m59s[/media] - Could have combo-ed into curse infinite, had a brain fart.

[media=youtube]znQd6bKbVaE#t=1m23s[/media] - His pyramid drop is fast, has hella priority, tons of frame advantage on block, and great for meaty wake-ups. Also another GB on Storm.

[media=youtube]vFZBm-P1RaY#t=1m18s[/media] - As mentioned before, Snakes can keep you air-born indefinitely, have great priority, take up a surprising amount of space, and recovers fast. Great to spam up close when fighting against a solo opponent with no assists to worry about (He could have pushed blocked, but I would have just air dashed back in position).

[media=youtube]ZJpsGsCmVdI#t=0m42s[/media] - Assist kill.

[media=youtube]xdrzueI3_No#t=0m24s[/media] - Even though Anak’s health is in the 2nd lowest stamina tier (barely above Servbot, Akume, Roll, and Bonerine), I’m happy to trade with curse any day.

[media=youtube]CgI03cBa_bo#t=0m14s[/media] - 2 things. Anakaris can stay at the top of the screen indefinitely with coffins/snakes/curse. And I love hitting people with that triple DHC at 0:34. Gives me a warm feeling inside.

If you want to watch the OG Anakaris, look up Gabriel on Zach’s site from NEC7 (search Anakaris NEC). He taught Beats and me a lot about that dam mummy.


usin’ my team/triple DHCs >.< though I’ve sorta moved on to anak/marrow/sonson

I should record some of my anak matches (especially the perfects and the ones getting sirmixagrip’s, and other known posters high tier teams), but too lazy…

EDIT: damn…stop playing people who constantly fall for that blocked chain into idle hands (and the roll into overhead afterwards)! :rofl: and who don’t take the hit on that guardbreak :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s an Ironman Unfly A2g video I made [media=youtube]ul_F3WyS-c0[/media]

I have a few more “tutorials” concerning ironman and for a tron bonne infinite…but probably not too useful. still planning on making some vids for mag and IM combos…and some anakaris/anak+X tips and tricks vid…when ever I get around to it : /


Dem gimmicks!

And the only thing I stole from you was the team idea. Everything else is from the soul.


I mean…he got hit by those 3 things every single time…

eh, what about the THC? and the corner curse infinite? and the mummy/monkey (especially monkey) shenanigans with missile? my ideas, MY IDEAS! :sad: LOL

but still, you’re right, that’s a lotta soul. guess you don’t mind playing the scared lil’ girl anymore? we need to see against tonyK’s team BIG now.

and yeah, I learned A LOT from gabe. and then went on to create some ish. especially when him and I would have hella anakaris mirror matches in dennis’ place (a lot of times it was only him and I playing). I took a lot from that. and I even showed him a few mummy tricks that I’ve seen him use every time since. hopefully we’ll see him again come evo north

sidenote: your connection with romneto looks actually not too bad. I know mine is skippy as fuck with him (you could compare the vids). is your connection better recently?


Actually it has been better. I was having horrendous connection problems for a good while (100+ ping matches are teh suck), but now its not so bad. Still not as great as when I first bought the game.

And that stuff you say I ‘stole’ is not hard too figure out, c’mon now. Although I do think the monkey has way more potential for gimmickery than I utilize in matches.


of course you know I’m joshin ya. those curse infs in corner can work with almost any assist (like the jank doctor doom one you use) :stuck_out_tongue: though I don’t think anyone woulda figured out that THC. I actually have some new/nifty anak/missile setups that I haven’t shown anyone yet.

good to know about the connection. I was wondering why your matches with him were so crisp


Can you please add timestamps for when the interesting moments happen? At the end of the link, add: #t=XmXs

I’ll add your Iron Man A2G video once he changes his links. I’ll add both at once.


Sure thing. Gonna take a bit.

Edit: Done and done. Now where’s my Joo dvd? :slight_smile:


i should have a few more vids later today to round out what derek has already added…

will maybe try to do a tutorial and/or mashup vid of some stuff later this week…mostly the stuff that doesn’t need to be seen in a match so that there aren’t all the cumbersome videos to view just to find something specific.

ok, might take a bit longer…will see what I can do so that it’s not so cumbersome with alllll those vids just for a few things for anakaris.


ok. posted.

i’m doing a psylocke/magneto mashup video of things i try or do in matches (by hand). its not necessarily a tutorial as it is a collection. I literally started it a few days ago. I’m almost done capturing everything and putting it together in Premiere won’t take much time.
The video is voice over so no title cards

Here is the introduction blurb I wrote for the video(better description):

This video will focus on shenanigans, combos, and various pragmatic techniques. The majority of the material is not typically done in matches as it?s outlandish and every so often unsafe. Nevertheless, the following content is what I try to achieve during match play. None of the main character?s content was produced with a programmable controller. This video will be narrated the whole way through as to cover as much as possible in the least amount of time. Once again, this video is not a standard tutorial ? it?s a collection of bizarre tactics that I try to employ during matches. Please keep that in mind.


I have a couple of vids on Youtube, for Marvel & Capcom…

Theyre not technically tutorial vids, but a display of combos and such. There are some mistakes, cause I was tired and it was like 3am. The video quality is kinda scrubbish, but its all good. I’ll actually be making tutorial vids on several characters.

Here are the links: [media=youtube]60tK6AOKKo0"[/media]

Just some basic stuff for noobs and scrubs to learn how to play MvC2…