The Effect of Guile's autocorrecting flash kick tech against Chun's safe jumps/crossups?

Just saw this video. I rely heavily on Chun’s j+lk safejump/crossup or df+hk ( both after f.throw, dash or after a sweep) in this match-up. Does anyone know if this Guile tech will nullify those options?

probably yes

but then you just need to rely on empty jump into meaty low or real safe jump which give us free combo

When I saw the video, my first thought was - how can Chun utilize this?

At first glance it doesn’t seem much different for Chun than basically doing just delayed wakeup moves, with the one exception of avoiding 1f grabs like the video demonstrates against grapplers.

But I think it does have applications on escaping unblockables… just have to figure out how it works.

I don’t mean how can Chun Li use this technology. I meant in the match-up against Guile will this make her safejumps against him usless.

Are the ones I listed not real safejumps? Can you give me an example of a real one?

EDIT: Just to be clear. The one’s I use against Guile are:

  1. After a f.throw, dash, j+lk crossup to the other side, land blocking. If you did it right you should land safely and avoid most 4f reversals.

  2. Sweep, then j+lk crossup, same result.

  3. f.throw, dash/Sweep, walk; then df+hk

  4. There are also variations of these ending in j+hp or j+hk, but I don’t feel like listing them.

These have been very reliable for me in the past. Have avoided a lot of reversals with them.
If I have been thinking of these incorrectly as safejumps please let me know-- I love to learn.

I know what you meant. I’m saying, the consequences of one matchup (specifically in your question, the Guile matchup) are less significant than the consequences of learning the tech and being able to potentially use it in EVERY matchup.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying. When I get the time, I’ll just have to go in the lab and see how it affects Chun’s wake up game on Guile and how Chun can use it against unblockables

It’s not really viable for chun because she has 6f startup on her ex sbk so it’s safe jumped a lot of the time even when going for xup or w/e.

yeah the start up is an issue, you´ll be making a slow reversal even slower.

the f.throw, dash, its not a true safe jump, you are just avoiding the reversal. Instead you can always use the standard 4f reversal:

f.throw, whiff jab, deep


f.throw, half step, deep

chun´s jump is 45 frame long and f.throw give us 55f adv. IIRC, st.lp is a 10f normal so do the math

edit. Guile does not have an standard wake up time btw.

Thanks for throwing down the knowledge.

another set up is f.throw, dash,

but it loses to jump cancel FK