The effects of Anime on the world at large: Meet Venus


I…I don’t even know what to say about this.

I’m joining the masses that are not wanting to live on this planet anymore.

EDIT: More proof of the effects




Be fair, this is just the tip of the iceberg of reasons to leave this planet/ destroy it.


those crazy japanese.


At least she’s not getting pregnant and out there being a moron like a typical teenager, though I will admit that the song used in the video is rather unsettling. That being said, I have nothing else to say.


eh, i’m okay with this. she’s better off than a lot of people, and she does what she does well. let her be.


Ugh. Disgusting.
I wish these 3d pigs would stop trying to imitate real beauty.
You will NEVER be as pretty or attractive as a cartoon. Just give it up.

I think kids efforts would be better spent taking voice acting lessons and getting vocal cord tightening surgery. If we were to try, in a few generations we could have characters whose voices are so cute, and so high pitched that modern houses would need to have special, reinforced windows to keep them from shattering.
I’ve honestly got a lot of ideas for this. Including special helmet/earphone/anime enhancement narcotics that would bend the very fabric of reality.


What the fuck did I just watch? :rofl:

Man, these kids are freaking weird.

Well, it ain’t as bad as MLP cosplayers… :shake:


What’s awesome is that the comments under the article seem to be supporting her, for the most part. :looney:


This might be something worth blogging about. The whole idea of “perfection” and how parents might be manipulating their kids about it.

Though yeah, the Japanophile is strong in this one. I do hope she gets a chance to be sociable to a certain degree.


Look a likes get paid yo.

Not seeing the reason for alarm though.


An anime fan taking care of their appearance even in a strange way?

Hahaha, nice try. 5/10


I’d hit it.

[spoiler=]after 3 years.[/spoiler]


She’s neither a chav, a headband toting narutard nor obsessed with dumb pastel equestrians.

In other words it could be worse and why is this news anyway?


I’d hit it.

[spoiler=]For the next 3 years[/details]


10/10 would molest


Single mom spending hundreds of bucks on makeup for her kid since she was 6 years old.

Also homeschooling said kid.

Yeah, this’ll end up g-r-e-a-t.


I can’t believe no one said “I’d hit it…with a brick”


You sick motherfucker.

But in all seriousness, I don’t see how this is any different than what a typical teenage girl goes through in the “real world”, just way more radical.


What the fuck?