The El Fuerte social thread (off-topic thread)

Tonight, I did a bunch of voice over impersonations/“demos”. I’m not sure when it’ll be uploaded, but it has me doing stuff like Seth, Tron Bonne, Abridged Yami, etc. I can’t say if it’s all that great though. I’ll post it here when it’s up. I feel like I’m gonna regret it though.

el fuerte’s 10-hit combo in Tekken x SF: lp f+rp(far mp) f+lk(hk launcher) :qcf: nuetral lp :qcf: nuetral lp :qcf: nuetral lp :qcf: nuetral lp :qcf: nuetral lp :qcf: nuetral lk (gordita sobat) lk+rk (dropkick)

Quesadilla bomb and El fuerte ultra spark will be his unblockables

he will have King-Like chain grabs:

lk lp grab = front grab(power bomb) which goes to three tostada presses (splash mountain)

rp+rk = power bomb second input picks them up third input has him jump on their shoulders 4th input is flying gigabuster.

Side grab is propeller tortilla

behind the back grab is el fuerte dynamite

Running from distance punch activates fajita kick activates calamari slide

BTW since this is a video game i would just like to ask how old are you guys? I my self am 25 yes 25 and i still play video games.

I’m 20. There’s nothing unusual about playing videogames at 25. Most of the people in my community are like 25+ anyway. In fact, I’ve heard the average gamer is like 33 years old. The times have changed. As I’ve said before, getting people salty in Street Fighter will be just another form of parental bonding.

im 24 and married and my wife plays games too lol… we are all big kids :smiley:

28 myself.

19, wow everyone is old

I will be 21 around the end of May.

Can’t seem to find anyone my age/school year.

Damn. I’m the forum’s oldest?

Deadpool: Chimichangas chimichangas chimichangas chimichangas…
Fuerte: you like chimichangas?! I’ll whip you up a chimichanga.
Deadpool: I don’t even like them. I just like how it sounds.
Fuerte flips out.

God damn it capcom.

Actually, I believe BlueGuile is in his 30s, but I haven’t seen him here in forever. And hey, if you keep yourself in shape, age doesn’t have as huge of a role, especially at 28.

On another topic, I’ve been looking at this, and I’m thinking , "This is my playstyle in real life."
Leopard Kung Fu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to one of the citations, the style is for the leaner type of people, which I assume means anyone with an inherently small frame (muscle not withstanding), so this is even better.

It’s too bad that there’s only one place in the state that teaches it, and it’s up in North Louisiana. I guess if I want to have a fighting style on speed, active defense, and mixups, I’m gonna have to develop my own. Of course, I’m not looking to compete or anything.

old man densuo
wise beyond his years

Hey toro i just played AE for the last time till console AE

huh why
you should go to ffa and get used to the changes

I think everyones gonna be happy in AE =) he can deal with bullshit now

i was there yesterday, right now i dont have a car to be driving all the way over there. Just sometimes i have a ride idk maybe ill be there 1 more time this month, they got rid of the Vanilla games and put AE in its place which is pretty cool youre right man i need to get used to the changes i been there 5 times since AE was released.

Kuma. Boxing. Wrasslin. You’re welcome.

Yeah. That jab and the faster run stop is huge IMO. Sane with queso slap being awesome

Problem is that I have difficulty with grappling. Because of my small wrists, it’s much harder than it would be for most due to leverage or whatever you want to call it. I’m much much better off using the opponent’s weight against them. On the other hand, I can hit hard with kicks and stuff I’ve learned some nasty stuff in Tai chi.

im already used to them
theyre not that bad

Hey, Pickles, I’m now looking at dat ass (no pun intended), aka Mu-12. She’s got dat oki and doesn’t seem as technical as Litchi.