The Elecom PS3 Compatibility Thread


I guess it’s a bit too late, but eh, more and more games are coming out so why not? :smiley:

Elecom 101:

Games that do not require an analog button (i.e. digital inputs):

  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Power Smash 3 / Virtua Tennis 3*

*I am confirming this myself since I’ve been playing it now (Power Smash 3) for the past few days on my custom stick and have had people play on my HRAP. Other than the save screen asking you to save (which for some reason requires an analog button to activate the dpad, that or just have a sixaxis in use to get around this), it’s perfect like DR.

For every other game right now, the Elecom 101 requires an analog button, so unfortunately this includes VF5 as well.

Elecom 202:

I do not have this model, but I have heard that it is compatible with VF5 without the need for an analog button (so I guess for every other game), but for some reason it doesn’t work with DR. I’m assuming it should also be fine for Power Smash 3/ VT3 since that game can accept both apparently, but since I don’t have the 202, I can’t test it to be sure.


I`ll put these in the shop next week…

Should I put 202 in also?


So, basically every PS2 arcade stick can be used for Tekken DR with the elecom converter?

@ TheRealNeoGeo

That would be awesome. I would definitely buy one, but where is the difference between the elecom 201 and 202?



Per: I do not know of the 201’s compatibility.


Where can I order this converter? And if a japanese link how do I translate? And is the site online secure? Thanks in advance.


Elecom 101 works with all joysticks, but only for Tekken DR and other games that don’t require an analog input.

Elecom 201 and 202 both work perfectly with all joysticks on all games including the PS3 XMB. If you’re using Dual Shock PCBs, you can even plug two controllers into a single 202 adapter and play two players with one adapter.

All Elecom USB adapters have 1 frame of lag, so if convenience is your priority then go for an Elecom but if perfection is your priority go for an HRAP3/VSHG.

Pelican’s adapter (which comes out May 1st) has zero lag according to DreamTR, but clearly we won’t really know until an accurate test can be done (such as the Guitar Hero II test).


I am sure Elecom will come out with a new Zero-lag converter soon also.


Or hack a Sixaxis like what MrWizard did. :looney:

And for people wondering about PS2 Backwards Compatibility, until Sony releases a firmware update to allow pcbs other than a Sixaxis, you’re out of luck. Even the VSHG and HRAP3 (as of this writing, if it was figured out how to get them to work with PS2 BC then please correct me) do not work with PS2 BC, even though both sticks have a Home button. The reason why Sony did this most likely has something to do with their Immersion lawsuit (which has been recently settled, and Immersion is using its new Feedback technology on a new version of the Sixaxis, SixShock anyone? :D).

DreamTR has gone on record saying his Pelican adapters, besides having zero lag, will have 100% compatibility with PS1/2 pcbs, but until they come out, we are not going to know for sure.

Converters and other PS3 controllers such as 3rd party pads, sticks, and so forth work with PS1 BC though IIRC. I’ll test it again later, but I’m sure of this.


where did you get this info from? i thought that gamewatch review thing (i forget the link but remember reading a translated version) showed they were able to do akira knees and some hard t5dr combo with 201’s on hrap2’s. the only real inconsistency that they showed was in the rapid fire function i think.


I wish I could read japanese though ;\


I read this:

It says they didn’t miss any frame-specific moves, but that’s because all of the inputs lag by for the same amount of time so muscle memory input is unaffected. They say that you can feel the lag when you’re moving around and reacting to things (that it feels weird or whatever) and that if you want perfection right now the only option is HRAP3/VSHG.


That article noted that they were able to do Akira JF knee 5/10 on the HRAP3 and 1/10 using the convertor.




Sorry for going off Topic

I didnt want to create thread on this, does any know if such thing as “ps2 to Neo-Geo” convertor or other way round??

#15 has all of those elecom converters listed in stock


Go create a new thread for that, this thread is only for Elecom-PS3 discussion and other PS3 converters.


I have noticed this on my custom stick with VF5, but have not really noticed anything with DR or Power Smash 3, but you guys can just ignore the Tennis part since I am the only one in this thread that is interested in that game. hah! lol


Thanks for the info, guys. I have a not-so-successful thread going about this sort of stuff, and I’ll add your info/link here.

EDIT: Ohhh man, I tried the Google AND the Babelfish translation of that Gamewatch article and I still couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Plus I now have a headache.


Mr-Megalo has received his Elecom 202 adapters but they don’t seem to work very well, he posted the following on Killer Cabs


My 202’s only have that problem when you try to plug in multiple HRAPs. If you plug in a single HRAP, the multiple directional inputs do not happen.

Also, if you plug in two Dual Shock controllers (or controllers with Dual Shock PCBs) they will both function perfectly with a single 202 adapter.