The Election Thread 2021: It's a new day, yes it is! GTFO Trump!

Word. Just surprised that they didn’t have any openings in the south at fire departments so he didn’t have to suffer the damn Yankees.

Just saying, I know people that will never live north of the mason-dixon because they’re lost causers

I don’t care what side you lean - this shit is funny.

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Picture this: an area settled by quakers and was a huge part of the underground railroad with many old buildings still standing with their hiding spots and trick walls now home to a neonazi compound 150+ years later. They were welcomed here with open arms.



A lot of what he did was prompt people to action by tweeting stuff like, “I really wish Senate republicans would do X” because then the press would ask Mitch McConnell “are you guys doing that thing the president tweeted about this morning?” Twitter gave him quite a bit more power to spread his message than I’d argue any other president has ever had.

And his WYSIWYG nature is what people like about him, and his twitter feed was the best place for people to get that. Politicians are known to be duplicitous and driven by public opinion, but you never really had to guess where Trump stood on things because, better or worse, he’d tell you in his own words. Bernie is the same way to a degree and that’s what I liked about him the most. He had everything to lose by cosigning some of the stuff he does, I remember even John Boehner saying that Bernie was the most honest guy on the hill who actually believed the stuff he said.

The republicans need to stop being the equivalent of a WWE jobber and actually play to win. I think they could really do well with Latinos especially by doing what you mentioned. All they’d need to do is push for sensible immigration reform that isn’t some form of “fuck all immigrants” and I think they’d sew that up.

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Long story short, they will do what they feel is good for business

The Confederate flag is a pretty complicate symbol because it means so many things to different people. As someone who grew up in NY and has lived down south for the last almost 20 years, it’s really interesting to hear how southerners view the Civil War (or as some of them call it, “The War Of Northern Aggression” which is hilarious and not entirely wrong) and how it differs from what I was taught about it in school.

I’ve seen black dudes flying the confederate flag though too, so again, it means different things to different people, but I think for a lot of folks, especially non-southerners, it’s a way of IRL trolling.

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Republicans need their own Obama.

A young-ish , minority who is a real Christian but moderate and charismatic…

Can you smell what Dwayne the Igneous ROCK Johnson is cooking?

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I think that MIGHT be a problem…


Yea excepts he’s independent and endorsed Biden this year.

He’d make a good foundation for a new political party tho

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Watch the video I put up earlier. Like you said, the GOP needs to stop treating this like a game and stand for something reasonable.

If Biden doesn’t screw this up, and the GOP still plays the “values over policy” card, they are gonna be irrelevant for quite some time.


Republicans have played pretty hard to win, Mitch McConnell used his leadership in the Senate and then his Senate majority to the limits of his power in order to make things as hard as possible for Obama and then gain as much power for the GOP as possible during the Trump years by filling the courts with Conservative-aligned judges.
The problem the GOP has is, as you’ve been correctly pointing out, their inability to market themselves as serious political alternatives to minorities, Latinos to a lesser extent but Blacks especially.

This was something obvious since Romney lost in 2012 and a post-mortem was published advising the party to seriously reform their policies to appeal to more diverse electorate… And then they couldn’t, I guess they got scared of losing the support of the base they already had without finding a new one and instead doubled down with Trump on appealing to Whites, racial anxiety and religious nutjobs.
This leaves the GOP in a pretty shitty situation right now, since the base Trump radicalized has become as hostile to moderate conservatism as much as anything that comes from the Democrats, while the GOP itself has seriously soured his image with a lot of people that, in other circumstances, would have probably preferred to vote conservative.

It’s obvious that there are a lot of conservative black people that the GOP could rally to themselves, but I think their leadership is having serious fears that a shift in policies would cost them the votes they’ve been taking for granted so far and now it may be too late for them.

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The hilarious thing about the republicans playing the “values over policy” card is that they really don’t HAVE any values to speak of. They can’t really claim to be the party that cares about the budget anymore, and all the talk about"family" and “the Constitution” is easily shot down. They’re a party that stands for nothing, really. The democrats have some really awful values they stand for or at least awful ways to achieve those values, but at least they stand for SOMETHING. The Republicans can’t even say that.

I think it’ll be a long time before black folks vote republican in droves, there was a lot of pretty anti-black messaging for a long time and the fact that there were people who had been actual klansmen in the party didn’t help things. But then again, the democrats have had some pretty anti-black messaging too (“super predators” anyone?) and people seem willing to let that slide. So I dunno.

I agree that some of it is probably a fear of losing the base they already have, and the Dems seem to be so content to play identity politics that the Reps probably figure they can sew up whites who don’t like that stuff, but I think there are lot of non-white folks that would vote Republican if they weren’t seen as being the worse of two bad choices. I think that’s what a lot of it is really. I know plenty of people who voted for Trump because they were like, "Well, he’s bad but Hillary is worse, so :man_shrugging: "



Oh they better not…


Hey, wait a moment, I was kidding when I said Trump was gonna steal shit before leaving the White House!


AOC’s really ramping up the divisive rhetoric lately, unless that quote is from that same video where she edited out her sweater kittens. Either way, that video was gross.

Confederate soldiers as traitors to the US is a divisive statement?


“If you don’t call those people what I want you call them, you need to get a new job” seems pretty divisive to me

More like “if you don’t call a spade a spade.”

Hard disagree with you on this one bro.


I’m gonna be honest. I haven’t seen that whole video. I did see the clip we’re referring to. In context of talking about that part of the video I don’t see an issue. I’m waiting for a spin(not from you) that the confederacy was fighting the communist north and they should be celebrated as heroes for that.