The Election Thread V 2020: Trump Handing CoVid like Oprah does cars

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My fellow whites!

Incel life is definitely a right wing stronghold

Remember us leftists are all about sexual adaptability


already deboonked loser

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hehe this isn’t going away

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Court documents not a conspiracy

Take your meds schizo

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Yeah okay how does that absolve trump of being a diddler

I wonder what country trump moves to. Russia and brazil have no extradition so

so wasn’t trump a russian agent or some shit based ons some retarded FBI “testimony”

court dobumentaiton doesn’t mean shit at all given how stupid and broken the country is.

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They have to be upset. It was the orange man who said it, and therefore it is bad.

For them it does not matter. The orange man must pay no matter what.

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dude, you know what happened. The salt. It will flow. This is only the beginning.

It definitely will, that is true.
But on which side? :thinking:


At this point I’m starting to wonder who has more stuff piling up against them: Joe or Hillary? Maybe Joe needs to see if hillary will let him borrow her Arkancide squad to help stop all these leaks.

We will know soon enough.


Hey. Can you say one bad thing about Trump? Like I just want to see if it’s possible.

Most objective people can find fault in our broken shitty systems. So, can you?

And no, you can’t mention his hair.