The Electronic Entertainment Expo thread (E3 2012) Info will be posted in op


It’s nearly that time of the year again folks. The week of anticipation, the week of awe, the week of WTF, and the week of disappointment all rolled into a sea of conferences and media blitzes.

Most conferences last year were actually relatively lacking lulz like there usually is…save for one guy who decided he had a time machine (sorry that is still funny to me). And Konami completely pre-empted themselves by having their conference pre recorded lol…can’t say I blame them.

If I miss any information please don’t hesitate to post up on it.

Current list of companies and games confirmed

IGN will update their list periodically throughout the weeks.

Conference times

E3 this year will be taking place June 5-7 so make your preparations if you haven’t done so yet. As per usual, there will be one Big 3 conference that takes place a day before the actual event. Various other companies will have conferences sprinkled out amongst the week.

May 31, 2012 - Konami @ 10:30PST
June 4, 2012 - Microsoft @ 10am PST
June 4, 2012 - Electronic Arts @ 1pm PST
June 4, 2012 - Ubisoft @ 3pm PST
June 4, 2012 - Sony @ 6pm PST
June 5, 2012 - Nintendo @ 9 am PST

Rumors and Speculation (in progress as they come…)


Retro Studios project - What in the hell have these guys been working on for the past 2 years? Whatever it is…it sounds big. They’ve been hiring up talent all over the place whether it be from Uncharted or Darksiders and apparently they’ve been in crunch time for the better part of this year. There was an earlier comment from one of their Retro Studios guys that hinted at what they were working on…yeah that sounds like Starfox to me too. Edit: 2nd rumor popup. Edit 2:
The next rumor popup concerning their project is a doozy. I have a really hard time believing it myself but eh…shrugs

F-Zero for Wii U? - I highly doubt this will show up at all this year…but when Miyamoto makes comments like this it makes me wonder…

Geist x Hitman = Acid Ghost? - Nintendo may actually have a mature rated title in the works with a company that they want to reveal thatsounds…familiar.


Killzone sequel - There’s a rumor of a trailer for a new Killzone coming. Whether it’s for PS3 or for Vita is anyone’s guess.

PS Battle Royale in your pocket! - There have been a couple of rumors popping up recently involving this including a LinkedIn Resume mentioning it. This makes it sound most likely to happen.

Sony partnering with a cloud gaming device? - This rumor just popped up on this and some are even thinking that it could possibly be OnLive.


Possible console redesign - Rumors have been running about along with their new console rumors about a redesign of the current 360.


Sonic Wii U developed title with Nintendo assist - This rumored title has since been said to bea hoax by the producer. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some truth to the rumors. Sonic has kind of found a second home on Nintendo platforms so it wouldn’t be out of the question if an exclusive game was in development.


Darkstalkers 4 - It’s been hinted at for awhile now and even teased by the company themselves but nothing completely official. Capcom recently had their Captivate event and it wasn’t anywhere to be found. Rumors have been running rampant…could this be the event where at least a 100% confirmation is made?

Another RE game on 3DS? - Recent rumors popped up about a possible game that will take place between 5 and 6 while having both CG RE movies available. Having both movies on the cartridge as well as a game has me a bit in disbelief…

Monster Hunter Tri G localized? - Sven seems tohinting at it at least…

Capcom’s Big Secret title - Capcom has a supposed ‘big secret’ that they’re going to reveal at E3 this year. This could very well be Darkstalkers or something else entirely.


Dead Space 3 - A video in a different language got put up revealing a ceiling banner of which I’m assuming is in EA’s offices for Dead Space 3. IGN also says they have a source telling them various details including Co-Op.

Silicon Knights
Unannounced Project…Eternal Darkness 2? - This company now is pretty much a shadow of it’s former self what with the games they’ve been recently making not seeing much success. However, Dennis Dyack said that the group is working on a ‘most requested’ IP. This hint was dropped last year. If you’re looking over what the company has done and considering the current state of most of the IP’s that they have worked on then you’d have to speculate that it’d be ED2. Hopefully whatever it is that they’re working on will show up this year.


Castevania on 3DS…Lords of Shadow sequel? - The rumors at first started with a game being made for the 3DS with the subtitleMirror of Fate. Now the rumors are leading to the possible development of a Lords of Shadow sequel being developed on current platforms and Wii U on top of the 3DS game. CONFIRMED!

Kojima’s big project - Kojima Productions has teased ‘big things’ for E3. That could mean anything…maybe even that rumored ZoE game that was slightly teased last year. Edit: Seems there is in fact an Enders game being made but whether this is Kojima’s big project remains to be seen.

Lucas Arts

Big Secret Star Wars related title - Recent rumors suggest that on this be Battlefront 3 or TFU3.

Thoughts and Expectations on the Big 3

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Streams (will get posted as it becomes known)

Spike TV will be streaming most conferences: Nintendo, EA, Microsoft have been confirmed so far.

Sony E3 stream

Nintendo E3 Stream

GamesRadar youtube Nintendo stream

Konami Stream
There pre E3 presser is here

Capcom E3 Stream


This will probably have a link in here soon.
Stream and schedule:

They will have a Stream Link in this hub.
Stream and schedule:

Stream Link will be in this hub.



Gaf’s E3 Gif thread

E3 2012

Not that I care too much since I have a huge GDLKE backlog (UC3, Skyrim, AA, Kid Icarus, ME3 just to name a few) but what are the big expected games launching this year? Are we ever going to get a new 2d metroid?

This is the first E3 where I don’t know what will be shown lol I’m usually on top of it but when you have crack AKA GGPO ST you forget other games exist.

I’m kind of a cheapass when it comes to games I almost never buy a game at full price c’mon amazon give me $40 used D3 week1!


Looking forward to the game announcement from Hisashi Koinuma (TecmoKoei’s Dev)…please be a new Samurai Warriors game for the US.


I’m not going to go through a whole list since I need to be sleep so I’ll name drop a few. Bioshock Infinite, Epic Mickey 2, CoD: Black Ops 2 (still not officially announces but it’s all but at this point), Ass Creed III, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (just officially confirmed and announced), Resident Evil 6, Transformers: FoC, NSMB 2, Pokemon White 2 and Black 2, Borderlands 2, Anarchy Reigns, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance…I mean the list just could go on lol. Then there’s the stuff that’s in release date limbo like GTA V and unannounced games that may or may not make it out by this year.

2D metroid? lol…After the way Nintendo treated that franchise on it’s birthday plus that last game being Other: M, If a Metroid game does show up this year it’ll be a complete surprise to me. I don’t even know what the current status on that franchise is as the 3rd pillar. Retro is busy working on something right now since they’re in crunch time and they’ve been gathering artists from everywhere so I highly doubt that whatever it is that they’re working on is a 2D metroid. Samus is crouched in a corner right now hugging her knees.


Hopefully this won’t be streamed on TwitchTV…and I look forward to awesome stuff like this-

EDIT: @sonichuman, there are some unannounced games that might show up in E3, Darkstalkers is rumored to be one of them…though if they would announce JoJo HD by that time I’d HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG


A new Rayman game is coming to Wii U, and was on this site for a while-
Rayman Legends is it’s name.
Also with DQ10 coming out by August 2nd, we can safely assume that the Wii U will be out in Japan by that time.


As a fan of Darkstalkers, sf, and most of the vs games, Jojo felt like it was incomplete…every character besides Joseph felt like they had started out with the usual capcom-sized movelist…then had over half of them removed before the game’s release.


The 2nd JoJo game did indeed felt rushed, but the HnK fighter is also considered a rushed job. Both still get some play in japan to this day.
I personally wouldn’t mind getting these 2 if they got a PSN release ^_^;


But HNK has more than just 2 moves for most characters. It’s like Capcom said “let’s just put in the moves we saw in the anime, and not include directional variations for those mainly possessing projectiles.” Nearly every fighter imo should have a 3-special minimum (No Guiles). and the ability to, based on button, aim their projectile in mid-air, if they are projectile dependent. Kakyoin felt gimped like a mofo (no, I don’t care what jp players can do with him, he and most of the cast needed more moves to keep my interest). I’m not even sure the game was meant to be taken seriously. It was more than likely just a quicky test-run to see what cps-III could do, but you know capcom fans: EVERYTHING they make is assumed to be intended for tournament play. The only reason nobody tries to tourney Warzard is there’s no console release.


We need another E3 as good as E3 2006.

It’ll probably never happen, though.


I still want a new metroid on 3ds announcement.


Hopefully some information on that Tomb Raider game SE is working on. I haven’t even been to a game news site other than SRK (if you can even call the front page that) in a while, so practically anything will surprise me at this point. Cmon industry, surprise me.


Was 2006 the good one, or 2005?


E3 2006 was good for everyone but Sony. That was the year of $599, Giant enemy crabs that needed to be flipped, and RRRRRRRIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRR.

Tomb Raider should be making an appearance since after the initial reveal and the gameplay at last year’s E3 there has been nothing on the game.


You always start this topic too early mayne! Get my hype meter buildin already…


Not really lol. I prefer starting it at least a month in advance because May is mostly going to be stuff leading up to E3…there’s probably going to be leaks and and info sprinkled here and there just like how Rayman Legends and it’s Wii U stuff got leaked. It gives me time to set up stuff and not get overwhelmed lol.


Yeah now I am thinking E3 is next week and had a slight panic attack.

I’ll die a little on the inside if Capcom announces a Darkstalkers title, since I know in my heart of hearts they will fuck that up royally.


Haha yea I get you. Just starts chargin my super meter already lol.


I’m hoping for news on Overstrike, Tomb Raider reboot and if there are any developments on Last Guardian. That game missed the last two E3s.


Although too early, I’d like to see a 2nd gen 3DS hardware.