The Elephant in the Room - Yun

Hey Adon fans - I know we have the matchup’s thread, but to be honest, this one particular matchup is getting so much discussion between my mates and I, that I felt it would be better to collect our ideas here.

Firstly, I am aware that Gamerbee, our most sucessful Adon player, says this matchup is seriously in Yun’s favour - however, it’s not as simple as just abandoning the character, since most of us like many of the other matchups. What happens to those people who double blind pick, or are P1 in a P1->P2 pick tourney, and end up picking Adon only to find they’ve got Yun on the other side?

So, with all that said - time to look at the match. It is useful to note what’s been working against lesser Yuns, but I’d prefer to be working on learning what to do against the stronger Yuns - after all, they’re the one’s that are making me feel like I should launch the TE across the room.

I’m not a great Adon, so I will input what I can and test what others say, in an effort to work out what works.

Last night, I went in to training mode and had a go at working out what moves might stuff Yun’s rush-punch. I put the game in to Record, and recorded a HP Rush-punch, followed by jump back, followed by EX Rush-punch, followed by a large number of spammed cr.LP, then a jump back again. That’s not a good blockstring - but I’m more interested in the Rush-punches.

I found that the HP rush was beaten by sweep - but I could not seem to beat the EX. I could trade with it by pre-empting and hitting it with a JK, but I couldn’t work out what other moves would do anything to it. Blocking it is fair enough, and annecdotally, my friend has noticed a lot of Yuns are following up with throws - so with his Gouken, he’s crouch-teching and following that up.

So people - is anyone else up for trying to educate our masses on what options we have?


Neutral jump HK?

okay heres the little I have learned against Yun. as mentioned above! This works great against pretty much anything Yun can throw out I believe. I have punished whiffed rush punches, whiffed command grabs, dive kicks and that shoulder thing!

For ex.rush thing I could ultra2 on reaction with Oni, so a hk.rj would likely be it out!
One thing to remember is that from ex.rush they can follow by another lp.rush or u1 if they have it!

Also I believe both the rush punch breaks armor! so dont focus it, on the plus side the shoulder thing can be focused! I played someone who used it in block strings for pressure!

Yun cannot be safe-jumped! or at least I cant do it… he has Adons wake up from super and I believe his dp is like 4 frames… On the plus side on whiff or block, his dp is easily punishable, he takes a fair while to land and then still has some recovery. A simple close st.hp xx hk.rj is a good chunk off his slightly lower than average hp!

One thing to remember is your normals can beat his at the right range! I found keeping Yun just outside of range was best, if he threw out a normal I would usually win or trade in my favor, however be careful on this, if he throws out a well timed palm and you kick him, you are gonna feel the hurt! but at this range I found sweep, and cr.hp to be effective counter pokes/footsie tools against him. Once he is in on you its another matter, seems to work wonders for a friend of mine and im tempted to start using it!, but the push back on shouldnt be ignored, not to mention it being able t cancel into specials.

Speaking of specials I found hk.jk to be the best version in this match up! it beats dive kicks clean and I think I even traded with his dp a few times! I tried not to use mk.jk much as I wasnt aware of how good his dp is?

Last thing ill add is that if they sit full screen and build meter, there doesnt seem alot you can do. I dont know much about the palm but I believe its a projectile! all ex versions of our moves should beat it, but it is likely he will build meter so much faster! On the plus side if you land even one he is gonna feel the pain as I believe beating it would cause a counter hit and all our ex specials already do good damage!

ill add more if I learn more, please feel free to ‘correct’ anything I may have gotten wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Found out today that you can punish the palms with U1. All but the lp. It’s easy to do on reaction also although I’m still not sure it’s the Ultra to use. You can safe jump x up him with back throw, jab, mk x up. Not sure it’s entirely safe with all his moves but is safe at least his dp. Standing mk is a great aa against him too.

my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I was in the lab and did:
RJ, FADC, MK.RJ, :uf: HK into OS.HK.RJ safejump.

IIRC it makes his medium kicks whiff, and beats heavy, but light & EX beat the safejump.

So at best, this is a trick you can use once or twice.

I guess that you speak about this OS :

Revoler is useless against him, it’s like Viper he can feint his damn special, ex jk beats this move but if he faints i guess he can punish it with his dp or ultra when he’ll see Adon shining.

Regarding his dp, the light has 5 frames , medium 6 hight 8 and ex 4, it’s hard to safe jump him.
His dp light seems to have 7 frames invincibles, it’s very good, if it’s very true, why Capcom gave him so many weapons ?

JK hk isn’t the best move to use anyhow, he can punish the whiff with ex Lunge Punch and his stand strong beats him clearly.

St hk should be use very carefully like against Yang, he’s a flying character and his damn palm break it clearly :frowning:
St hp and st mk are greats against him.

I didn’t try but it the sweep can beat his palm and st strong ?

Oh cool, didn’t even think to tag on another RJ.

Yeah, that’s the one I found, and as you can see it’s not 100% vs Yun.

Wow! There are a fair few things to try in here already! I’ll have a look and see if I can start putting some of this to good use…

Was using it again last night to some success. You just need to listen closely. His feint doesn’t make a sound and the real one he goes “huh”. Soon as you hear it you can do it. Also if it’s the feint you can steer it to try avoid getting too close.

Saying this it only took the guy a couple of matches to stop doing it when I had Ultra :frowning:

Well I keep yun in a good area to where I can punish his dive kicks with rj then i’ll slowly work him in the corner try to make him dp and punish accordingly