The elusive kara palm



I know in theory it’s mp XX lp --> palm or mp xx lk --> palm

but can anyone do this consistently??

The few times I’ve actually pulled off a kara palm, it’s just been mp XX cancelled into the palm, but the timing on this is insanely fast and most times I whiff the palm. Anyone have any pointers? I know the theories, just need the facts from people that can actually do it.


u must negative edge the lp

so mp,lp(hold), qcb, let go of lp

you’ll probably be holding lp for a very very short time so u gotta tighten up your elbow and arm and grit your teeth and move the stick really really fast.


This is the way I used to do it and it does actually work, you can get around 3 kara palms vs chun, however it is not the true way to kara-palm as I learned in japan where you can pretty much get about 5 palm strikes vs about any character (I saw it used vs yun and dudley!)

This is the true kara-palm during GJ:

Press strong punch while moving the stick half-circle backwards, when you get about 4/5 of the way done you then press short then an IMMEDIATE punch button (usually jab but fierce works too) and then finish moving the stick to back so the punch button causes the palm to come out. It must be done VERY quickly because remember with each button press you are cancelling a very quick move, the 4/5 way motion is done so you do not get a crouching animation, you want every move to be done standing.

Keep in mind when the strong button is being pressed in the stick should be 4/5 of the way done then you kara-cancel the strong by pressing short -> punch button. To give you an idea of where your fingers should be, place your middle finger over strong press it while moving the stick back, then do an immediate throw, let your thumb hit the short first though and your index finger hit the jab, then finish the half circle back motion and release the jab.

In reality this is almost like a double kara move, you must first kara-cancel the strong with the short but at the same time u press the jab (or fierce) to kara-cancel the short as well. The reason this works better than the strong-short(or jab) method is because first the strong comes out which is canceled by the short. However the short is actually cancelled before you can see it by the palmstrike. This eliminates the additional move animation frames compared to the slow strong then jab then palm method. With the extra speed of this method you can do palm strikes faster and move in quicker which was a problem with the other way which would eventually drop the character after about 2-3 reps.

While in japan I saw only 2 yun players use the kara-palm, neither KO nor nitto did it. I guess it’s too risky to use in tournament play so don’t be too frustrated if you can’t get it down it is pretty hard to do.


OMG–that’s crazy shit. I’ve heard of that being done before but I thought somebody might have been exaggerating.

Pyrolee-I usually think of Mester as THE yun player. Who are KO and nitto?

I can only get as much info about yun playing as I can being from Minnesota. :smiley:


Mester is still a very good yun player and used to be number 1, however when KO and nitto came up through the ranks their style differed a lot and is actually better than mester’s. KO is #1 yun in japan and nitto is #2, mester is maybe 3rd or 4th now if that. KO and nitto play more of a run away yun, charging their meter until they get genei jin then they attack which works suprisingly well, mester plays a more old-fashioned “attack you” yun.


Thanks for the info pyro


Thanks for the info pyro. I’ll have to try that style out. I usually play Yun very aggresive. Do you know of any vids I can check out to see KO or nitto play?



Shirube, Cooperation Cup 1 and 2, SBO dvd when it comes out.


Pyrolee thanks for info on Karapalm. Speaking of Kara’ing in the Cooperation Cup 1 I saw a lot of Kara’ing command throws by Nitto and OTB (who IMO has the coolest Yun GenEi Jin combos) when poking with Gen’Ei Jin. They would Kara a sweep into command throw, so everytime you grab them they make a dive kick noise.

Just wanted to know if there are any easy ways to do this, and if it’s usefull.



Yes I learned this too in japan it’s pretty simple but takes practice to do it everytime. All you do is the “japanese-style” button pressing (tapping the same button twice with your middle and index finger) but at a certain time during the command grab.

So move the joystick from forward to down to back, when your a little passed down press roundhouse twice (middle finger once then index finger after) so you input two crouching roundhouses while moving the joystick to back which finishes the command grab. If you do it right you’ll hear yun go “wooo” but a command grab comes out instead. I’ve fooled around with this for a little bit and it actually doesn’t give you TOO much range but the little bit that it does is a big help with mind games. Because you can do stuff like crouching short x2 and then walk up a bit kara command grab. Your opponent is forced to do more guess work now because they are scared of standing forward to genei-jin or the grab or even low forward canceled into genei-jin. This little kara-grab adds even more-trickery into yun’s arsenal and should be practiced because it’s pretty easy to do.


pyrolee: wouldn’t it be more practical to press rh then another kick? or does a rh flip grab have more range?

and onto your kara palm method, i’m not sure i comprehend it. U said press short when you ar 4/5 way on doing a hcb motion. THis would put it at db when u input the short which will result in a c.short. How can i get a standing short then? When i do the hcb method the flip grab always come out.

After experimenting i found an easy way to kara palm not the best way but perhaps an easy way.

I hit strong, then do a qcb motion and then short~jab. Because yun doesn’t have a qcb+k move, only the s.short will come out and u can press jab real fast to palm. I might be a little slow because when the Jap does it u can barely see the strong comes out and in my method the strong stays there for awhile.

Can you elaborate on your method so i can Kara Palm faster??


I believe rh command grab does in fact have more range but I’m not positive on that, I suppose you could do rh and then roll your fingers to another kick that would probably work but I’m just telling you the way KO showed me.

I guessed on the fraction of 4/5 of the hcb it may be 7/8 or whatever but the point is to press the short when the joystick is towards the end of the hcb motion but your character is standing.

I checked out what you said starting from down qcb motion and that is better because it does eliminate that command grab from coming out, but you should be tapping the buttons so quick the negative edge isn’t a really big factor.

The key thing is when doing the kara-palm is to do it quickly but accurately, the short should be pressed almost immediately after you press strong while rotating the stick back and the punch buttons needs to be hit even quicker to cancel the short.

So go, medium-while rotating qcb- then an immediate short~jab or fierce. Thats pretty much the best I can explain it :lol:


i pulled it off 4 times in a row including the starting non kara palm!!!

the combo i did was close mk, palm, karapalm x3

i wish i have a capture card so i can post the video up.

btw does anyone have the skillsmith video of yun’s kara-palming combos?


GJ :cool:


well actually i did it against Q, so the kara palm wasn’t not fast nor did it move far enough to high non-Q characters. :o


Here’s something that might help: As you’re doing the motion, and you’re using Strong to kara the palm, slide your fingers, from Strong -> Jab. That could help a little. Just a thought.


You don’t need to kara it against Q.


here’s something that’s bugged me for a while:

when u do (superjump-super) cancelled to geneijin, then proceed to palm/kara palm, why is it that you can’t have any more than 3 palms and the then the engine doesn’t allow you to hit your character anymore? i can do 4 kara palms in other circumstances, but not through the aforementioned method.


Same here, the 4rth palm looks like it should connect but never does. It’s some kind of weird juggle limit I suppose, but it’s odd that the game lets you do more than 3 when you start your combo with the chain and not with standing forward.


okay i haven’t even tried it yet but since im sure i won’t get it at first - what is the KaraPalm? I see something about 3 of them? Is it doing Palmstrikes very quickly? Is it done for GeneiJin?

What will it look like and what is the practical application of it before I take time to master it and then find its useless.