The Emilie de Rochefort (Lili) Thread



Lili, Platinum Grace.

The daughter of a world-famous oil czar. She has a haughty, arrogant attitude but also has a penchant for fighting, and thus when she finds the time she engages in street fights. She suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of Asuka Kazama in a tournament, and since then Lili has viewed her as a rival. For the sake of her father, she teams up with Asuka to retrieve the mysterious box located in the Antarctic.
■Princess and Pauper: Asuka

Japanese Seiyuu/VA = Seto Asami
English VA = Joy Jacobson

Move List (Thanks to R-D)

Special Moves

Angel Knee (EX)

Angel Knee Ascension
(during EX Angel Knee) :k:

Sunflower Lance (EX)
:qcf::k: (can be performed two times)

Divine Step (EX)
(during forward jump) :qcf::k: (EX version can be done with any jump)

Air Spine Shot (EX)
(in air) :qcb::k:

Attack Reversal (EX)
:hcb::p: (only against certain attacks)

Feisty Rabbit (EX)

Rabbit’s Foot
(during Feisty Rabbit) :lk:

(during Feisty Rabbit) :mk:

Rabbit Thorn
(during Feisty Rabbit) :hk:

Dendrobium (EX, SC)

Super Art

Wind Up Spear

Unique Attacks

Submissive Heel

Peacock Kick

Peacock Waltz
:f::mk: -> :hp:

Peacock Jive
:f::mk: -> :mp: -> :hk:

Dominating Heel
:f::lk: -> :lk:

Heavy Languish
:d::mp: -> :f::hp:

Heavy Languish Beat
:d::mp: -> :f::hp: -> :hk:

Left Right Combo
:lp: -> :f::mp:

Left Right Back Strike
:lp: -> :f::mp: -> :d::lk:

Bed Time
:lp: -> :f::mp: -> :mk:


(in air) :mp: -> :hp:

(in air) :lk: -> :mk:

Combo Thread


Lili Trials done by Vesper Arcade

Lili Solo Combos by Alioune

Lili Grounded AA by tataki

Lili/Asuka/Julia Combos by WinnerStays

Lili/Asuka Combos by Kreative Mente


Swap Costume

Lili: Rumor has it that In order to avoid her father’s vigilant surveillance, Lili took on a different look. However, she’s taken a liking to this outfit… which bears a striking resemblance to Poison…

Lili Costume 3 Ripped from the Disc.


Win Quotes

Zangief - Could you refrain from getting too close to me? I do not appreciate the smell of sweat as much as you do.


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