The emulator help thread

Kinda like the computer help thread in GD. Post any problems you have and if anyone can help, by all means, help. NO ROM LINKING. Get to work. if this thread gets enough responses, I’ll probably stick it.

Missed this thread, but might as well reiterate the q’s (of my friend and I) here. Basically just wanted to repeat the questions from posts #32 and #33.

Please help. My emulator doesn’t seem to be able to support the “beating fatherbrains gief” option. What can I do to fix this?

I have a joypad config problem. In zsnes when trying to configure it the program crashes, any help? Basically the program freezes when i come to configuring down.

4neqs: I have no idea about why some versions arent working.
HOWEVER… It does NOT support 4 players online. sorry.

When you config in zsnes, do NOT hit set or set keys, or anything like that. just have device set to none and click the box of the button you want to set, then press whatever you want to bind it to. when they are all done, close.

Now its just putting up whatever button i press, it used to work fine. And its not the pad as it works in snes9x, nebula, kawaks and Mame

try deleting zsnes all the way and unzipping it into a fresh folder again.

Nope it only registers up

@fb: Okay thanks. I think I’ll have to try 1.36 from another PC then ^^;

Nothing i can do? It used to work fine a couple of months ago.

What kind of pad is it, and what’s it’s interface?

Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 usb. Not sure what you mean by interface, the profiler?

By interface I meant whether it was USB/Gameport/etc.

Have you upgraded ZSNES between the time it used to work and it stopped working?
This is sounding like a common problem with recent versions on the Z boards:

The freezing part is another one that keeps popping up.

You mentioned a rumble feature, is it possible to disable that, and does ZSNES act any differently then?

I have always used 1.36 with it, i tried 1.42 but i had same problems with that. The rumble is off by default.

Reinstalled drivers, still not working. Couldnt find any solution in that link either