The End Game Center June tournament results

We had solid numbers with 16 participants for the first of our monthly SSF4 tournaments at the End Game Center in Charlottesville VA. We had people travel from Roanoke and NOVA and I’d like to thank everyone who came out for a great event! and some very exciting matches. Patrick Powell’s Balrog and Taylor Jacobson’s Akuma went right down to the wire in a grueling back and forth 3 match set what well have been the set of the day.

John Henry was quickly pushed into the losers bracket by Jamal Fowler, and faced a rather tough road back into the finals. John went on an outstanding run of 6 consecutive sets as he fought his way back to the finals where he met Jamal once again. John got the first set in the final, but ultimately Jamal was too much for him and won the day. The top 4 from the tournament are:

  1. Jamal Fowler
  2. John Henry
  3. Vedo Clements
  4. Greg Morris and Wes Mocs

It seemed like everyone had a great time and there were certainly some outstanding games played throughout the tournament. We’ll see everyone next month!

It certainly was a great turn-out. Lots of intense matches to say the least. It’s a shame my Guile mirror-match with John went down to the wire in his favor, but at least I got to start off that ridiculous chain for him haha. Can’t wait for next month’s tourney. I’ll be practicing up a storm this time around for sure.

This is Jamal ggs to everyone i played good to see more ppl playing in c’ville and props to havits for playing in the tourney on that extended lunch break

John H. checking in. Tournament was loads of fun. It ran super smooth and everyone seemed to have a great time. Playing 6 sets in a row with no breaks was a little rough but sometimes thats how the matches work out, no complaints here.

Props to Jamal for taking it. I was happy to face you in grand finals after losing my first match to ya and having to work through losers. My Guile held his own the entire tournament and the first set of grand finals but Jamal’s switch to Blanka in the second set was too much.

Thank to The End Game Center and everyone for coming out. I’ll see everyone for nexts months tournament.

Taylor here. Tournament was a blast, definitely worth the trip up. Glad to meet some more of the Charlottesville players. Shoutouts to Outback being right around the corner :wgrin: . Should be at the next one for sure.

Great tournament. Can’t wait to compete in next months tournament. Hopefully some of the players that missed out(because they thought no one would come!) will be able to make it next time.

Also trying to get a local session going every wednesday night to try and strengthen our local players. So come out and practice with us. -Greg

Another thing you can hit me up on xbox live anytime and I’ll be more than willing to try and play.

Thanks everyone! It’s really great to hear that you all had a good time and we can’t wait to see you all here next month! Here are the full results of the tournament:

  1. Jamal Fowler: Abel/Blanka
  2. John Henry: Guile/Bison
  3. Vedo Clements: Vega
  4. Greg Morris: Balrog
  5. Wes Mocs: Sagat/Balrog
  6. Patrick Powell: Balrog
  7. Chris Krietzman: Guile
  8. Taylor Jacobson: Akuma
  9. Daniel Mimms: Sagat
  10. Johhny Garza: Blanka
  11. Alex Taylor: ???
  12. Brian Roberts: Ryu
  13. Ben Edwards: Bison/Cammy
  14. Charles Pitek: ???
  15. Kirk Musngi: Ryu
  16. Brian Jones: ???

Unfortunately I didn’t take down notes on which characters people were playing, and my memory got a bit rough towards the bottom there so anyone who might remember, please LMK so I can edit the results :slight_smile:

Alex Taylor played Ryu. Brian Roberts played mostly Bison. Charles played Zangief (at least when i played him), and that’s all i remember from what you are missing.

Hey guys, Ben here. That was a great turnout for the tournament, hopefully we can get people together at The End or in the area in general to play more often, I know I’d definitely be interested cause I need to get more practice in for sure.

Alex Taylor also played some Sagat, idk if it even matters anymore though haha.