The end of laggy matches?

it sounds like you can play sf4 for example, on the same machine, in two different parts of the world.

SOunds crazy, they need to change up that controller though.:bluu: I would like to see this in action with a newer fighter though.

this is being discussed in GD.

And I don’t buy it. As someone stated in the other thread:

yeah, right now the whole thing seems like pure science fiction.

Yeah but you still connect to them remotely, it would be the start of horrendously laggy matches.

lol yall are dumb

this really wont change the quality of connection now instead of A to B being 100 MS delay you get A to C which is 50 MS delay then B to A again with 50ms delay wow huge fuckin difference. hell it would introduce variable latency because the central location would be further for someone else so nwo you get 2frames of delay compared to the 8 someone else gets WOW AMAZING.

How could:

both players sending keypresses to a server, which then processes and sends back whole screens as images

Be quicker and more lagless than:

both players sending keypresses to each other, rendering their screens locally based on this

Hard to imagine. Still, cool if it works. I guess it could work pretty good for non-fighting games.

The only benefit I can see from this type of service is being able to play high system requirement games on systems well below those specs. But that’s about it.

i can see this type of service being great for people that play games very casually, that don’t take there games to seriously. But for the hardcore gamers and people that are highly competitive. I don’t think this service will do well towards those types of gamers. Since your actually streaming it and playing your games through a video, there are bound to be inevitable lag concerns… in addition what about inputs? It says your inputs are read through a plugin then uploaded to a server. How bad will input delays be? And are the games gonna look as good like when you actually have the game? Its already been said the games will only run 720p. Many pc gamers run there games at much higher res then that. I guess we’ll see what happens.

But what if both players are really, really close to the server?! Oh those are called arcades and unfortunately they’re considered to be a dying business model by most of America. :lol:

Seriously though, by placing the (ultimately unavoidable) communication delay at this point in the line, you’re basically sentencing the players to the harshest input delay, which we consider the worst possible way of dealing with lag. It would be much more difficult to disguise that shit effectively. Efficient? Yes. Smooth? Heck yes! Responsive? No no nooo.

Big up your brain power, kids! :tup:

FPS games can really suffer from mouse lag issues also. Imagine yourself lining up that shot but you can’t because everytime you move your mouse there is a delay by a couple of frames. So you have to actually compensate for that by moving your cursor to a spot you think the opponent will be at. Almost all games will suffer from this.

this seems like a really good idea, it seems like it might be some work to play on console though since it goes through the computer, maybe i misunderstood something in the article?

Ya, but that has nothing to do with latency. That’s all hardware related problems if your having mouse lag.

well nothing is new about the alogortihm.

Well I have to say it’s a very cool idea, and if it can get off the ground perhaps it can get to a place where people can play any game they want.

The big appeal is not to me the lag, but the idea that you can play a game on a rig that is too underpowered to play it. If they can optimize it for that, it really gets around one of the hurdles of being a PC gamer. (Having to constantly upgrade over the years to keep up.)