The Energy Drinks Thread

I’m desperately seeking a boost to get me through today. Have we tiered energy drinks yet?

5 hour energy? yea or nay?

protein shakes w/ fish oil omega 3s assit.

All energy drinks are S tier.

S meaning shit of course.

Edit: Except for ING Energy, forgot about that. Energize you annuity!

I used to think that until I tried the Amp lemonade energy drink.

Energy drinks ruin perfectly good alcohol.


M-150. Tastes kinda applely, way better than red bull. Really good for mixing with stuff. I don’t drink this stuff often so all of them are strong for me…but this shit rocks you.

I find myself drinking most energy drinks not because I need energy (all the caffeinated ones generally don’t help with that) but because they taste pretty flippin’ good. Regular Amp and Full Throttle are my personal favorites.

Don’t you already drink Mountain Dew? That shit has more sugar in it than a regular energy drink IMO

I can’t drink canadian mountain dew because of the altered recipe.

I drink a diet rockstar every fucking day. Coscto son, come see me. The energy boost isn’t that much, I just kind of like the taste. So yeah, its hella nasty but I like it. Don’t judge me.

protein drinks make me wanna take a nap.

Low Carb Monster or Low Carb Rockstar are mighty tasty.

i dont like redbull and vodka
mixing an energy drink with a downer is bad for you, IMO

I used to be able to drink energy drinks, but now every time I drink one I have to poop within 10 minutes of finishing it.

What part of the game is that?:bluu:

Yes. Although it needs to be sold in more places around here.

And since that is the case, I’ll go for a Full Throttle.

While not an energy drink, I’ve been scooping up Sobe Water for a buck a piece these days.

Bawls is awesome stuff.

Oh, the Rite Aids around me sell Jolt (four different flavors). They’re usually $1.50 for a can, but right now, they’re on sale for like, $.97 (plus CRV and all that).

Relentless is pro though, heart palpitations really get me psyched for a game of SF4.

havent had an energy drink in at least a year now. but the last ones i did enjoy were hooters energy drinks. not sure of they’re still around anymore. either that or some mountain dew energy drink or sobe adrenaline rush energy drink are my recommendations. i also didnt mind the nos grape energy drink.

red bull tastes like ass.

Full Throttle Tropical is SSS-Tier. Too bad my college is slowing phasing them out and replacing them with Monster, which tastes like toothpaste.