"The Escapist" doesn't understand FG's

I was browsing the website today and stumbled on this nugget of failure from last week. I couldn’t find a thread about it, so I made one.

I can understand if you give an opinion after reviewing the subject and trying to understand it as best you can, but this guy clearly hasn’t. When he said that there is no difference to the casual observer between SF4 and T6 I wondered if he was blind, or just a moron. That’s just the tip of this iceberg. Read on, if you dare.

The article


Considering the “problems” author bitches at, I think his place in life is on smashboards

casual fans expect different things out of fighting games than hardcore fans. the stuff that we see in fighting games might as well not exist for them because they have no interest in exploring the deeper complexities of a game; if it isn’t immediately accessible, fun to mash around in and has a nice story then it isn’t meeting their needs. there’s nothing wrong with that. anyone who gets worked up about this is really taking it far too seriously.

But he bitches at “qcf”, lol. If he expects a special move button, then we all know what he needs to play, and thats not fighting games per se.

I stopped reading once he started bitching about character development.

And what the fuck is all this masturbation over BlazBlue for? It seems to me that every moron in the press who knows nothing about FGs just orgasms all over it.

Yes, but there’s a huge difference between saying it doesn’t meet your needs and just making ignorant, straight-up incorrect observations and using that say its a bad game.

And then we have these same people say that VF and Tekken are quality games (include any other recognizable namebrands here) in their reviews and we know damn well they haven’t played enough or at a level to really know things. They just say it because they know of the respect and prestige behind the series.

Don’t even try to defend that crap.

damn its almost like what is “good” and “bad” is a subjective quality

Zero Punctuation once called SF4 a button-masher. He has a deal with The Escapist.

Take that for what you will.

just a reminder to everyone before this thread really takes off that attempting to defend your genre’s honor or whatever by calling this guy a fucking idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about makes fighting games + the associated scene look way worse than a dozen articles like this

man i sure dont like these games that dont appeal to me

What I find amazing is that the only reason dude probably even likes guilty gear is because it has a story mode that makes you sit thru 5 hrs of text. Seriously, if he was forced to play that or any arcsys game competively, his head would imploded. Shit has a worse learning curve than SF4.

So does that mean the terrible quality of the article is squared?

The author needs to stop playing fighting games, and should pick up more action games like god of war or godhand. sounds like what he’s looking for

As much as you hate a lot of the specifics of what he’s saying. The overall message he’s saying is right. Fighting games are difficult to get into, especially if you’re casual or new to them. This isn’t a problem to us, because we just don’t give a fuck if some noob can’t throw a hadouken.

be that as it may, and I flat out disagree with his suggestions, I agree completely on the problem he presents with the genre. There needs to be a little more innovation with the genre. Do I know what needs to be done? Not really. I also don’t know what the solution would be to make a fighting game that is difficult and complex, but easy to approach by newbies, either.

But these problems do exist, and they need to be addressed.

A few years back yeah, but not anymore. You must have missed SFIV, Blazeblue, DOA4 and various other games’ releases.

Yeah lets make fighting game with 5 buttons: moving forward, moving backward, punch, kick, and special move button.

Btw Buriki One is the proof that game with following movement options can actually be good

Lmfao @ how the example timeline ends up arriving on fucking smash bros

But perhaps it’s time for designers to get even wilder with their ideas. How about a Pokmon-style fighting game of building a team of monsters that you can individually level up? Or perhaps a rhythm-based fighting game with a non-standard input device? Guitar controller or not, fighting along to the music would be an interesting experience at the very least.

Stop being so butthurt about it. He is right about some things.
For example the lack of good tutorials for beginners. SF4 has none (the stupid trials don’t count…). T6 has none.
[media=youtube]r75Lz1Drp8g"[/media] but stuff like this should be included with the game itself.

The last game that really gave you the best learning experience was VF4E and that was a long time ago.

Now, a record function that mixes between 3 different options (like in VF4E) is asking too much when some games don’t have a record function at all (T6)

I’m not getting worked up about it, lol. It’s more of a journalistic integrity thing, I guess. He mentions T6, SF4, MK and Blazblue in the article and picks Blazblue as the one he thinks has the easiest combos. Really? Easier than T6 juggles? Hell, Tekken is my main thing and even I’ll admit that combos are stupid easy compared to some other games. That’s just a case of not doing your homework. OK (kind of) if you’re a blogger with a free web page, but if you’re being paid to write about something you had better do your research before you put pen to paper. That isn’t what happened in this case.

To put it in perspective, I would write a way better article about this guys favorite kind of game than that, because I would actually spend a little time learning the game before I wrote an article making blanket statements about the whole genre that just weren’t true. I realize that these are games, and not coverage on Iraq, but where, as a publisher, do you draw the line?

Yeah, that wasn’t my intention. I was just trying to point out this guys flaws as a journalist. I understand FG’s can be tough to get into, but it was amazing to me how off-base this guys was with some of the things he says in relation to some of these games’ mechanics.