The Essential Joystick Thread (Updated 7/26/09)

The TE/SE Fighstick Template Thread
MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp sp2/3 - vista 32-64bit
Post pictures of your SF/entertainment setup!
Art’s Arcade Stick Plexiglass Cover & Etching Thread
The New Definitive HDTV Lag FAQ
Converter Compatibility Thread
2 PCB’s in one stick - Possible?
The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ
The “padhacking” thread
Look here before asking about what type of stick you should use!
If you want to buy a custom arcade stick…

RJ45 Detachable Cables - How To
How to Add Custom Art to your TE fightstick
How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad
Improve your connection for online gaming and in general
DIY sixaxis adapter FULL GUIDE
Installing an MC Cthulhu and Imp in an Xbox 360 SF4 SE stick
The how to mod your SFIV SE Fightstick FAQ
Modding a Saturn Pad for 360 or PS2
Tingboy’s HRAP 2 Mod w/ Seimitsu Parts
Chippermonky’s Hori DOA4 Stick Mod
SFAC Happ Mod
Urth’s Guide: How to put art under clear Seimitsu buttons
HRAP FAQ All versions
HAPP P360 on an Xbox 360
How to make the Hori FightingStick EX2 work on Windows
Capturing HQ video


The Wood Workers Thread
How to paint MDF to a mirror finish worklog
ULTIMATE resource thread (thx chippermonky)
The Official Custom Arcade Sticks Thread
The Official Custom Arcade Sticks Thread II: A New Era of Builders
Timoe’s Wood Guide (thanks timoe)
Light-up on activation tutorial with LEDs
Chippermonky’s where/how to solder guide
Another HOW to solder guide
Spiffyshoes Solderless A Series Hack
chippermonky’s wii joystick guide


Ultimate Guide To Holding Japanese Balltop Joysticks!
Toodles’ UPCB Thread
Stick Layout Thread
Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC
Official Sanwa mod thread…=72628&page=29
HAPP parts FAQ
Saulabi FAQ and info


Akihabara Shop (Japan)

Lizard Lick Amusements (USA)
ModChipMan (USA)
Ponyboy (USA)
Gremlin Solutions (UK) (France) (Germany)


Slagcoin (Highly recommended)
Joystick Vault

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deserves a mention its a great page (polish but translates ok)
UK acrylic supplier

How about a custom stick section?
UK based fighting community

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My bad, Sorry canto!

Hi, anyone have instructions on how to mod sfac joystick with happ buttons? The SFAC Tutorial link is dead:


That’s sad considering it’s what brought me to the site.

I was able to get a copy of it from You can download it here:

And here’s the Namco PS1 tutorial:

That is sad, the SFAC and Namco mod tutorials were so helpful to me as well :sad:

Thanks so much ! =)

anyone know if is legit/safe? it doesnt have any of the signatures normal online stores have like verisign and paypal verified etc…

there’s a reseller ratings and a completeSSL thing @ the top and i think theres a whole thread of people that have bought from him.

Yeah, he’s unquestionably legit. Check out his thread.

all right thanks !


How Long does it take for parts to come in these days???

Modchip man says 2-5 days. If you’re international, it might be longer.

Hi, does anyone know what size of the Solderless Quick Connect 18-22 AWG for Happ buttons?

I’m modding my sfac with concave happ buttons and I’m trying to get the correct size.