The Essential Joystick Thread (Updated 7/26/09)

They’re .187 female QDs. RadioShack sells them but they’re way overpriced. Get them from an Ace Hardware or an Auto Store. I bought 200 on eBay for something like $12 versus paying $50 cents each at Rat Shack.

^ that or, if you haven’t already purchased your new buttons, you can usually order the QDs from the same place for like 10 cents each.

I know Lizard Lick and sell them on their sites.

i do an order at , thank you for the links

seems not many ppl thank you for this list, they just pimp ur service and maybe thank the guide writer, but a central location makes things much easier :slight_smile: thx for your time.

This is not really a sticky, but its a good tutorial hosted offsite:

Thanks to USMC Jaguar for showing this to me! (China)

"RJ45 Detachable Cables - How to" by acceptablerisk
Should be in the sticky, very useful.

Hello, I’m working on modding some SF4 TE sticks and SF4 SE sticks for a few friends of mine and am looking for some tutorials on Getting artwork ready and placed. I looked through the guides stickied here and didn’t see any. Have i just missed them? (given the level of detail in this thread im sure that is the issues) Figured id ask before i start a second read through.

I did see the thread of the guy discussing face plates, but that isn’t what im looking for. More on a guide on whats needed to create the artwork and any special needs for the TE and SE sticks to successfully replace it.

second read through help me find a great example of art works but still not guide on how to replace it. It looks like the TE stick one can just be removed and replaced, but im clueless on how to get the one off the SFIV SE stick.

After some more searching located a thread with the information i was looking for. However there was no link to removing and replacing art on the SE sticks.

is there an option for an octagonal gate for the seimitsu ls 32-01? so that up/down/l/r and the corners have notches?

You need a LS-56 for an octo gate (which I highly recommend).

There is only a round gate for the LS-32 if I recall correctly. BUT, with a dremel you could take a square gate and add those notches yourself. I added notches on my Sanwa square gate to the left and right walls.

I kinda messed up because I didn’t plan accordingly (mark where to cut, level and measure before cutting) so it came out a little messed up. Currently in the process of getting another square gate to do this on properly, might post a little work log for those interested in the mod itself.

did i really spend 2 hours reading all those links haha. win.

thank you for the reply. which do you recommend, the octo gate or the ls-56 (over the 32-01)?

I like my LS 32-01 (I don’t know if anything like a mod was done to it) because of it’s general looseness plus “shorter throw” (not sure if I’m using the correct term or even know what I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: for example, it seems you need to move farther on the TE’s sanwa than my old seimitsu).

ever since playing on this seimitsu, and recently the TE’s sanwa, I’ve had problems doing HCF>QCB facing right on it. I never had this problem on american parts (except for p360) and so I believe the problem is the lack of those extra notches. Does that sound like it would be a correct assumption? also going d/f instead of straight down sounds like it would be fixed by an octo gate also.

How short is the throw of Seimitsu LS 32 01 vs Sanwa JLF? I want exact measurements?

Can someone please tell me the model number of these, so I can order them from Akihabarashop? I need them for my new custom stick:

hey guys quick question, I was wondering can you use the madcatz spring with the sanwa jlf spring to make the stick tighter like you can with the LS-33 mod and if not what kind of spring is in the LS-33 or LS-55 and could i possibly find it at a local store or hobby shop? thanks godbless

thanks for this, it really helped me make a decision

Im currently using Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons, I would like to try some new buttons.

Does anyone have any other buttons they would like to recommend and how does the feel of other buttons compare to the Sanwa