The Etrium in Union City... Closed?

I heard The Etrium closed down. Can anyone confirm this to be true or false?

Also, does anyone know why/when this happened?

Arcade Infinity closed months ago and Denjin fell a couple days ago as well. It’s always really sad to see great arcades like that go away. Please remember that even though AE is released on console, you wont find competition that MGL, SVGL, Southtown, etc. provide on XBL or PSN.

Please continue to <3 and support our local arcades (and communicate with arcade owners)!!

Only ever been to the etrium once for Hadocon 2, being from Morgan Hill it is a bit outta my way, but that is disheartening to even hear rumor of these places closing down. :frowning:

I can’t say I’m surprised it happened, if it did.

I heard from some people that the dad of the owner(s) took over and did something stupid so they had to close it down. =/ I forget the details though but…sigh. It was only 5 minutes from my house too!

I drove by today, no cars or sign in front like the usual. RIP Etrium, an actual venue in this shitty area.

Yep Etrium closed down, i was shocked too but thats what happens when you don’t plan anymore events or work on sessions.

Hey guys…
Were in the midst of finalizing things but…we are for sure not closed
Were trying some new things and…
Long story short were moving to socal

Does this mean the little $5 coupon I won is useless now?

for sure not closed but moving to socal? does this mean for the norcal etrium

Welp, there goes another thing socal has and norcal doesn’t.

:lol: Good luck guys :sunglasses: