The Everytihing Yattermain-2



Post up your strat/setup//Combo’s for Yatterman-2.

You can TK a B charge fireball to hit people crouching and at IAD height.

Cancel any safe normal into A version of pokes (like lifters) by pressing 3 A’s and you will get the shortest version which is very safe and has a lot of pushback. Good pressure exists by doing this calling an assist than doing an input dash into overhead/low/throw.

Her 236A/B/C~B is an overhead you can cancel into level 3 or Baroque it into a combo. Also can combo off it after certain assists like polymar.

Her Throws give you a free robot summon leaving you enough advantage to meaty a 2A. Also if you call an assist after either throw you get a free unblockable (heavily prorated if baroque’d into combo) during the assist blockstun with assists like Ryu/Morrigan/Polymar beware of reversals.

Looking for better combo’s currently I’m doing 2A>2B>5C>3C>delay>jB(2)B(2)>jc.B(2)B(2)>j.C is kinda bleh deals like 13k.


That’s about as good as it gets for her combos. She’s more of a pressure character. And use j.B. That is all. Hard to AG, stupidly good. Use it. Her assist can help raise a character in an air combo, possibly allowing for more hits in air combos for other characters.

Stupid Ai/Yat-2 glitch: 5A>4, 6A>bbq. Throws a fireball with no hitbox. Don’t use it, ever.


Damn, I was going to make a basics thread for her like I did for Doronjo.

Oh well.



Her 214 A has CRAZY long Hitsun. So good. Been using her and Frank West. Haven’t got to grind her out yet though.


Her 214A causes stagger, so you can do 5A, 5B, 2B, 214A, and then continue from it afterwards.

It’s also a reflector obviously, I’m going to get around to see what it actually reflects and what it doesn’t.



Hopefully it reflects some cool stuff. Roseball with 2 Ai-Chan’s?


Ai-chan’s 5C, 6C, and 2C all have armor break. Her lvl 3 is also mashable. I’ve been trying this combo with Ai/Blade in a corner:

5A 5B 214B Assist 5A 2B 5C XX C Run BBQ 5A 5B 3C j.A j.B Jump Cancel j.A j.A j.B

Timing’s really tight depending on her distance. I’ve only managed to pull it off a couple of times.


“C Run BBQ” you mean her C mash attack? I couldn’t get that to combo consistently at all : /
Edit: lol started thinking about it you probably ment Baroque her command dash hm… hadn’t thought of that, gonna experiment.


I have an idea for a potentially dangerous setup for ai-chan, though I haven’t tested it yet I will have the opportunity later today.
This setup is probably ideal on knockdown or after an aerial rave.
Requires 3 meters (With Joe the Condor as your partner) and if you want or if you have it some red life for baroque:

623+ 2 Attack+P right away start charging 4 then as the variable combination ends (while still charging 4) Jump back 6B just above their heads. This results in your opponents air options being limited while joe’s bird missile strike is about to hit and ai-chan’s heart bouncing back and fourth just above them. They have a few choices in this setup: jump and get hit by your 46B and possibly eat a air combo or juggle of your choosing, stay on the ground being pressured by you and/or the robot super, or get hit by Joe the Condor’s bird missile strike while you escape or take it for red life.

I have not tested this setup but I will be testing this setup among other variable combinations/DHCs or assists.


Reflector seems to reflect fireballs as well as any others; I reflected Joe’s feather shuriken super with it before and was rather surprised that it worked.


actually that seems kinda good for mixups mind games


About that, I’ve been able to get up to 24K damage on her level 3 via mashing.
*Update: 28K!!!


Anyone have ANYTHING against PTX/Lightan? Everything I try gets shutdown. PTX J.C is destroying me.


After a throw you can OTG with 236+C, C. If you want you can Baroque and repeat it. With Casshern you can do a bit more…


I’ve been using 2A, 2B, 5C, 2C, 214+A, dash, 2B, 2C, 3C ^ sj.AAB(2)B(2), jc.B(2)B(2)C as my new BnB; does 16K. In the corner you can tack on an OTG 236+A/B/C, C.


So with Ai-chan’s 2nd and 3rd costume (the yellow and black), her projectiles change from stars to hearts. Which one is better? Using her special, it seems to me that the shape of the star is slightly more useful, but I’m not really sure…any thoughts on it?


j.B 2A 5B 2B 5C 236+A/B/C A/B/C baroque (tack in j.B if you like) 2A 5B 2B 5C 214+A 5A 2B 3C j.a j.a j.b j.b j.b j.b j.C 236+A/B/C C.

That’s what I mostly do.


This thread is very helpful, keep on posting, someone should make a general guide or something, I wish I could contribute something…

How can her specials be utilized/comboed into (aside from her ultimate)? I was thinking for Omotchama’s Roll to maybe follow up with some BBQ stuff…

Any combos she can do with Cashern or Roll?


Hm. Hypnotist, maybe…After her aerial rave she can hit OTG with 236+A/B/C C. Try getting something off of that OTGness. Maybe set up a robot call during Cash’s assist.


Pretty much just play the run away game and have Omotchama (lvl 2 hyper) out as much as possible.