The EVO Commentary - thanks and feedback thread

Apologies if theres another thread but i couldn’t see it.

I watched the stream on saturday. Thanks to all the guys who commentated for the viewers.

I particularly enjoyed james chen and seth combo. it covered in depth stuff whilst always catering to new players who wouldn’t understand all the frames and option select talk.

If i had any criticism then it would be for skisonic to not scream down the mic. i have no problem with your actual commentary, in fact its great! but when you shreek, squeek and start distorting down the mic its quite an earsore. And you end up losing your voice. Skisonic brings the hype thats needed in commentary but but i think it needs to be dialled in a touch to sync with the rest of the team.

Thanks to Seth, Keits, Ski, James Chen, and everybody whose name isn’t Adam Sessler for doing a fantastic job with commentary yet again!

Thanks to whatever killed the stream. That was great!

I thoroughly enjoyed Keits. Especially during the womens invitational. Dude is like Krang

Thanks commentators!
Seth is probably one of the best commentators for all of competitive gaming. James Chen knows a lot about the game which was great, I thought he complemented and worked with the other commentators really well. Skisonic brought a lot of hype and tried to make things a lot more exciting. Tekken commentators were great too. I didn’t see much of Keits though.

And I actually liked Adam Sessler. For a guy without any fighting game knowledge, he did what he could and made up a lot of quick (but useless) one liners such as “aiming shinkuu hado” and whatnot

dogface had the best commentary

I just liked the very big diversity of commentators and how they commentated to. From people like dogface (hilarious) to the tekken 6 commentators who would commentate like they were playing the game themselves, (sorry to not remember the names) it never felt too boring and it was just great.

thanks you guys for taking that punishment for us people who couldn’t make it to EVO 2k10.

i liked chris hu’s commentary in the salty suite.
“i’m not even gon’ commentate dis. i’m just gonna talk shit about both guys.”

I’d like to see a Dogface / Seth combo. Or Maybe Dogface / Seth / Ski. Seth to know what he’s talking about and then dog and ski to hype things up / say funny shit.

I think Aris did pretty good on Tekken too… throwing out interesting tidbits and shit. Dude looks like a terrorist but hey, no bombs on this plane.

If Dogface and Seth called every match, I would pay money for a stream. They’re too good.

The Tekken commentators were great too. You could tell they had chemistry and everything came off natural. Even Tekken haters who don’t know a thing about Tekken were giving them their props and saying they were funny.

Kill Adam Sessler dead.

Other than that, Ski + Seth = Good shit

Everything except Adam Sessler was good.
Nice job, guys! :wink:

s-kill + chensor ftw. ssfiv commentary was good in general. mbaa’s commentary (sp00ky i think?) was very informative but needed more colour. tekken’s commentary was offside half the time but i still found it entertaining.

commentators talking over each other
lack of communication between commentators and rest of the team

shout out to the girl commentary

Ah, I nearly forgot: get rid of Sherry. Her commentary was useless.
Also, why the male commentators weren’t criticizing the pathetic level of the women tournament?

Uhh outta respect? Dude, theyre still SF players and a plus to Evo. Treat women like a field of flowers

I don’t know how much of a plus to EVO it was. It looked like casuals amongst newer players. I give them props for putting it out there and everything, but you know that stuff was sloppy. And I know it offended a lot of guys that the girls were essentially treated as the “Special Olympics” where they had their own little tournament because of their handicap of having an extra X chromosome.

There are times where it makes sense to separate women from men, namely in sports where men have a natural, genetic strength advantage over women and could hurt them. But video games don’t care what gender you are. Being a woman doesn’t hinder you in any way, so it shouldn’t be treated as such.

I’m sick of everyone treating those of us who think the Womens’ tournament sets a bad example as if we’re sexist. It’s not sexist to claim that both sexes are COMPLETELY EQUAL. It’s sexist for people to segregate based on sex when there is absolutely no reason to do so.

Well, they weren’t great players but better than most ppl online at least. By a plus tho I meant: women = more ppl, more exposure in most male dominated arenas. Tho i do see where ur coming from

I’d do so if they deserve it, and only depending on the situation.
If they suck I’d tell them so.


Throwing my coin into the hat, 99% of the commentary was great. BIG thanks to Keits, Skisonic, Seth, James Chen, Dogface and the rest! Adam Sessler did let Seth do most of the talking, but somebody should have let that guy know how rounds and match points work, jeez.

Ski’s 1st MvC2 finals commentary was hilariously awesome. He sounded like the Micromachines guy, but he was keeping up! Dogface had fun with TvC even though he had no idea what was going on.