The EVO Experience. The Gen factor



So people lets hear your Evo experience. since we couldnt view the bracket, we will like to hear what it was like. and what do you think about Gen’s chances in future EVO

Guess he is the best character in SSFIV:AE 2012, because next EVO is USFIV right?

Gen need a very strong driver to handle. Sure the old man will have the chance to win in Evo…
But it`s true that there are no any Gen players even if the 32 bracket. :frowning:


Same as any other character. The game is balanced very well (yes even seth, cammy are not so broken. better than others doesn’t mean their unfair).

As said earlier the problem is not that many gen players. But then again look at the top 8 this year. 8 different characters. And this is the first year for gen’s best iteration. That might not happen fast but it’s possible(ever) . Besides there weren’t THAT many top gen’s in this years evo not to offend players here (those who attended).


The only ‘top’ gen that attended was Xian, looking at the brackets. he had a pretty rough pool and didn’t make it out. A month earlier he won a major tourney in Singapore and beat Daigo in the finals, c’est la vie.


I think Gen is very viable. As Warlike said, Xian won a major tourney a month ago and this time he was pitted in a pool with two very strong players plus some other surprises. The point probably is that Gen is still much less popular than most other characters, so… it’s just maths. I think that thanks to Xian and Amiyu, Gen won a fair share of tourneys IF we consider the ratio character/#of players


I choked so much from anxiety and also sucked ass. Hopefully I’ll do better with more tourney experience and practice. Poongko and Infiltration said my Gen is good, so hopefully that’s a good sign. It might just be that they were being polite tho :lol:


Xian won an Australian tournament called Shadowloo Showdown not long ago and he beat Haz (17th in Evo) and I believe also Humanbomb was here at the time, who placed 5th. He’s got the capability, but it’s all about who performs on the day.


Xian won OzHadou Nationals, did not compete in Shadowloo Showdown this year.

Amiyu, placed 5th at SS2K12 and would be my favorite to place top 8 at EVO.

I still stand by SS2K12 having the hardest AE bracket to date, would give him a great chance to do well at EVO should he ever want to go.


Whoops, got my tournaments mixed up.

Either way, he’s good ;p


nubbbi made it out of pools I believe.

I was one battle away, lost to a counterpick honda, so I switched to ken, beat the honda, counterpicked again by blanka. Lameeeee.

but I had a long winstreak in casuals, it was overall a fun experience.


Sup guys

Yeah I was fortunate to make it out of my pools, but then lost to Chi-Rithy and LapChi in the next two matches. EVO was okay this year, didn’t get as many money matches in as I wanted to, (security was tight in the halls). I won about 80% of my money matches, although I did play F-word and won that match, Andreas a Rufus player but lost. I was supposed to play this Dhalsim from Germany, but there was this guy by the name of Daniel who used Gen, played before me and bodied him hard, afterwards he didn’t want to play me -___-" Other money matches played but were no names and won.

Gen can definitely win EVO


Sry for getting in your way of winning additional cash from MMs :wink:


Ohhhhh that was you? Maaaaaan, I actually wanted to mirror, and it would’ve been nice if we actually met in person -_-"


I played terribly that day so I prolly would’ve said no to the mirror match :lol:

Regardless, it would’ve been better if we met in person. IDK why I didnt see you doing MMs; I guess it’s cuz I immediately went to the casuals station on the other side of the room.


I wish I could come to EVO


i had a great time at evo expect for one small problem, we didn’t know about the tv situation so me and my friend basically went into the tournies cold. i defintely didn’t make it out of my pool. i lost against a balrog player first(i’m kind of glad because if i had won, i would’ve had to go against fuudo on stage(yes he was in my pool) and then i lost to a honda. At least i got a chance to get some games with people on saturday using my pc out in the hallway, and i remember some gen player was coaching his friend saying that he shouldn’t be losing to me. Afterwards the gen player faced me and kicked my ass and then did a money match before i had to pack up to get prepared for my vf tourney bracket.

i’m glad i’ll have some time to practice before nyc’s capcom tourney on the 11th.


wow, you really had a great time.