The Evo monitor DOES SUPPORT Sync-on-Green!


I’ve seen people ask about this, and when my friend brought his Evo monitor over I had to try for myself. I have just gotten the Evo monitor (Asus VH236) to accept a 31khz Sync-on-Green (SoG) signal from my PS2. Here’s how:
-Plug the PS2 into a TV you can see it on (don’t use the Evo monitor for this part, you can’t see it). Boot up into the browser. In PS2 options, set RGB output mode to RGB instead of YPbPr.
-Connect a component video cable to the PS2. Connect that cable to a SoG cable (looks like a VGA cable with 3 red/green/blue RCA jacks on it). Connect that cable to the VGA port of the Evo monitor. Connect sound if desired.
-Boot up a progressive scan (480p) game, if your game supports it hold X+Triangle until the menu appears then set progressive scan mode to on. This is tricky, since there’s a menu to set progressive scan in 15khz, and the Evo monitor doesn’t support 15khz (you won’t see anything that’s not running in progressive scan mode). You can either try it ahead of time on a TV where you can see the progressive scan menu, and write down what to press, or you can use a component+composite cable and view the composite output on a TV to see the menu.
-Once the game switches to progressive scan, it should appear on the Evo monitor. If you’re viewing the composite signal on a TV, the TV will go blank (this is normal and not harmful).

If you want to use a PS3, I haven’t tested it yet but it should be simpler than on the PS2. Boot the PS3 on a TV you can see it on, set the PS3 RGB output mode to RGB instead of YPbPr, set the PS3 to output appropriate signals (I think you’d want 480p, 720p, 1080p), connect the PS3 to the Evo monitor via a SoG cable, and you’re good. No need to set each game to be progressive each time.

Those are the only two SoG compatible consoles out there that I know of, but there may be others! Please post here if you know of more.

More info:
SoG is VGA or RGB video without a dedicated sync line, instead the sync line is embedded into the Green signal (hence the name). The Evo monitor only supports 31khz analog signals and higher (or at the least, it doesn’t support 15khz), so you can’t use non-progressive scan PS2 games. There is a PS2 homebrew program called GSModeSelector that lets you force a game to 480p, 720p and 1080i, so you can make some 15khz (SD, non-progressive-scan) games work on the Evo monitor this way. You can run homebrew on nearly any PS2 with a memory card softmod but that’s beyond the scope of this writeup. GSModeSelector is sort of a tricky program and results range from perfect to unplayable to instantly crashing, if you have any tips for it you’d like to contribute feel free to post them.

Also, a SoG signal can be losslessly/laglessly converted to a RGB/VGA signal with a sync stripper circuit (very simple), this is beyond the scope of this writeup but info is readily available with a Google search. So if you don’t have an Evo monitor (or any SoG compatible monitor) but want to use a 31khz (or greater) SoG signal on a VGA monitor, just use that signal.

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Wii VGA cables use SOG. I think the only setup for them is make sure they’re in EDTV/HDTV (480p) mode.


I tried a USA Wii with SoG cables, didn’t really work:

There’s no way to make a NTSC Wii output actual RGB, it doesn’t exist except in PAL Wiis if I understand it correctly. So these VGA cables must convert YPbPr to RGB (hopefully with analog components instead of through digital). Either way, you can’t just use a SoG cable with the Wii outright.

Weird that these Wii VGA cables are SoG and not actual VGA, if you’re already manipulating the signal you may as well add a sync stripper imo…