The evo tournament gg's thread


This thread is for ggs of tournament matchups

HD Remix:
Voltech: Amazing chun vs chun match. You counter supered me the first time, and I thought “okay, he got lucky”. Then you did it a SECOND TIME in a row, after an air SBK. I was really rattled, like “oh shit, this guy is GOOD”. I had to give you a congratulatory tap on the shoulder after that game even though the set wasn’t over. I can’t wait to see a video of that match.

Graham Wolfe: I wish our match for top 8 had been on the big screen. Really intense Chun vs Balrog fights, and then the Chun vs Vega match was really good. Awesome play as always man.


Hey gg’s to you too man that was a good set. I actually tried it a third time but failed :\ oh well there’s always next year. For now I’ll just have to take out my frustration online. Anyway I found a link to the fight if you want to see it here. (our match is just past the middle) Funny thing is the commentators had us mixed up and they said “Voltech takes it” lol Anyway it was fun to meet you and everyone else. Congrats to the NW team for doing as well as you guys did. Considering that was my first major tournament I feel like I could have done better but my nerves where getting to me esp on the big screen heh. Also GG’s to BBH even thought he took me out. Look me up on XBL anytime if you want to get some matches in. - Peace


Pool 21: GG and friendly matches were nice also. Good Game.


pool:4 gg’s to sanford kelly and everyone else in that pool… and a major GG’s to every single person i played inany game at all the entire time… sorry if i can’t remmeber any of your names… place was jumpin and fun as hell…