The EVOla virus


Did anyone else get extremely sick after EVO? A lot of the Soul Calibur players including myself now have cold symptoms like a sore throat, stuffy nose, and headache. This happened at SCR, too.

Is this a common occurrence at FG majors? If so, what can we do to fix this?


Yes it is common.

How to fix it? Don’t shake hands. Don’t lend your stick. Don’t make out with everyone who beats you in pools. Not much else you can do though.
Purel the fuck out of your hands 24/7 I guess.


Wouldn’t that be unsportsmanlike/hurt peoples feelings?


I think it’s pretty much impossible to avoid. I’ve been to one major ever, Seasons Beatings, anxious was just there with a spectator pass. I only played the Skull Girls beta, used mad amounts of hand sanitizer, and washed my hands every time I used the bathroom. I even wiped down this big straws they have setting out with Sanitizer when I got a drink. I still got sick afterward.

Sharingsticks has got to be a huge means of germ transfer though. I tried not to do it but at times it’s almost unavoidable.

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I missed it this year. I shook hands with plenty of people, and did a whole bunch of usual tournament stuff such as using other peoples controllers, ect. Guess I’m lucky!


wash your hands and keep them away from your face.


You guys are all weak.

I’m as healthy as ever.


I was waiting for someone to make this thread. I got it bad.


Third year to go, first year to catch it. Blegh, fucking hate being sick…


I strongly believe Evola started with me this year. I got sick because I slept right underneath the A/C in my room and then people refused to heed my warning when I said “I can’t shake your hand, I’m sick” and would proceed to shake my hand and hug.



Yup, came back sick as well. Thank god the effects only lasted for less than a week. I’m feeling much better now.


Awww yeah nutritional supplements.

But seriously, I can see why it’s hard to not get sick at FG majors. It doesn’t help that our diet during the weekend is most likely going to be shit and most of us are probably going to be lacking a lot of sleep.

Luckily for me, I haven’t been sick after attending a major yet.


I still got the cough, it’s really annoying. Coughing gunk every 30 minutes it seems. Felt itchy all over, but that’s gone. Minor headaches.

Doesn’t help that I’ve not been getting sleep lately.


LOl…U guys might be able to blame me for EVOLA (but don’t bother), I got sick on the way to EVO (similar to EVOLA symptom), so I just pop a bunch of DayQuil and drink shit ton of water, and just stay hydrated through teh entire thing, was fine the next day. STill fit as a bull, but kinda sucks to hear you guys got bodied by EVOla.

runs to the corner and put on Flame Suit


i didnt get sick till the 11th


Alot of this sickness may have come from the Airports or riding a plane.

EVERY time I ride a plane I get sick. It’s annoying as hell but what can you do.


i managed to avoid the dreaded EVOla virus. Purrell was my best friend during EVO/Vegas .