The Evolution 2003 Custom Stick Contest!


Since EVO2003 is going to have a ton of console sticks, what better way to recognize them than to have a contest! Think of it as a car show for sticks! I don’t have any particular details right now, feel free to give your ideas here. What can we judge on?

Also, all tricked out sticks have to be 100% functional for gameplay. You can’t be bringing in a chromed out speaker box with gold screws and neon lights if it doesn’t even work!

Prizes will be determined during this thread discussion, and winner(s) will be announced at EVO2003.



this is a great idea

make the prizes free evo2002 dvds, or evo2003 posters for runner ups


Sweet awsome i hope its a awsome prize:D :smiley:


stick contest

You say the sticks must be functional. Does it matter what system they are for???


Seeing as all the console games are PS2… should at least work for one of the games in the tournament… ie… PS2 =D.

Edit: If you can get your custom DC/XBOX/whatever stick to work on PS2 via adapter, that is acceptable as well!



If you’re rich and bored, you could always throw some of these on for show;

. . . or build an acrylic box and stick some cold cathodes in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea, btw.


There is an adaptor to PS2?


will u guys be keeping this joystick or what? Also will people be using this at the tourny???:smiley:


Nah, the organizers won’t keep your stick. You just show it off and then on one of the days we will announce who won what. We aren’t even sure of the categories yet (maybe we will have more than just “best stick”, like most original design, or weirdest).



i cant go butis there any other way to enter like mail the stick?


Great idea. I was thinking about a ‘custom stick contest’ for a while and now they are deciding to do one at Evo2003. Only concern is this: People are traveling from all sorts of places, so they are having them as carry on or other (plane) and may get damage on the way. Also for those who wants to bring their 2 player set-up, what if they want to enter it, but can’t bring it due to size? I want to go to Evo2003, but probably won’t, but if I did go, I’d want to enter my 2 player, sit-down desk design and that won’t fit on a plane unless I break down the legs and etc… Can a vid do? Showing off the stick connected to a system and then zooming in all around and inside then mail the vid in on a disk then play it at Evo? Just an option for those who can’t bring their stick due to size or worried about it getting damaged during travel.

Oh yeah… Evo 2002 DVD could be prizes, or t-shirts if they are having any made this year for Evo2003 or even cards like last year.


I think you should have a “best stick overall” category and then some other ones. “Best stick” category should include stuff like size, looks, button and joystick usefulness, originality, stability, etc.

Also I think you guys should make this contest eventful, maybe like have a certain time for this where people can get up and talk about their stick and what they have on it to make it a good stick. (pretty much everything but the insides I guess)

More and better prizes = more interest and more motivation to use lots of money to make a quality stick. Maybe even if people want they can auction their stick off, not sure how that will go since people will have spent a lot of money on their trip to Cali.


Click HERE for a picture of my custom stick!



cool cool, keep updating the info… my stick is gonna be there for sho… GGPO



hmm cool good thing I was planning on making a new one for EVO anyways, this gives me new inspiration!

I like the suggestion of different categories…like “best in show” and “most creative”




Hey, can someone rep someone else’s stick? We got a master woodsmith in AZ but he’s unable to go. Can people with his sticks take them and show them off? Or can those poeple just show up, take credit, and get their own prizes? Do you have to have built the sick you bring?



Does our joystick have to have a evolution theme??? Cause mine dont. And also mine is for dreamcast does it have to be able to play for ps2. Cause im only entering marvel:D

Also were do we show up to show u our joysticks???:smiley:


Marvel is on arcade cabinet,…
TTT, T4, VF4, and SC2 r on PS2


I know and sense im entering marvel only. I wont even be using my stick in the tourny at all. And on top of that my stick is for dreamcast use.:smiley:


For some reason a low-rider themed stick popped in my head. It would have little wheels sittin on 2 inch rims, little headlights, and a souped-up feedback system to imitate hydrolics (sp?). The joystick would be where the steering wheel should and the buttons in the trunk.
Yeah, my mind isn’t workin right :bluu:
I like the contest idea though. :smiley: