The Evolution Faith

For those that practice the religion of Evolution. How do they explain the metamorphosis of a butterfly? Or the fact that there would be no need to evolve some parts of the body because they would be useless or you’d die without having the other parts of the systems in the body to make it work in the first place? That theory was made by a man ages ago without real evidence that it’s factual. Yet they follow it just like the Big Bang Theory, which has no real way of proving it - making it similar to a religion. There is also the fact that mutations don’t add new information to the DNA. Instead, things are missing or altered. You aint gonna go “OPTIC BLAST!!” after having you eyes exposed to gamma rays.

Evolution isn’t a religion. /Thread Reported

Might as well do this now.

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Exactly. Science is not a religion. People who believe in evolution or the Big Bang, don’t believe in it the same way religious people believe in their religion. Pro-science people don’t take the word of scientists to be the word of God or anything like that.

Both evolution and the Big Bang are hypotheses. Meaning this what scientists think may explain the origins of Humans or the origins of the Universe. Even among scientists, there are some who disagree with evolution, and have put forth their own hypotheses on the origin of Humans, such as Panspermia, which is the theory that life originated on another planet and was delivered here possibly by a comet.

If someone can come up with a better explanation for the current state of affairs, I’m sure most evolutionists would subscribe to that explanation.

That said, I am beyond tired arguing about evolution with people who don’t even begin to understand what it means and what it represents.

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[media=youtube]gxPq3CdOmSw[/media] (PhD in Evolutionary Biology)

If you’re really serious about this. Then just go to your local university and ask to speak to a professor in evolutionary biology. What you’re doing here is asking people who are not even qualified to answer your questions, since most do not hold degrees in the relevant fields to do so. Furthermore, your criticisms are totally inane and irrelevant. But if you insist that they are relevant, then by all means present them to actual scientists, and if you’re right you will win multiple nobel peace prizes for disproving a widely accepted scientific theory. However, it’d be the first time ever that a scientific illiterate has ever done such a thing, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

You’re essentially the equivalent of an 5 year old who goes around saying algebra doesn’t make sense because you can never tell what number the variable X is going to be. You completely ignorant on the subject, and yet you think you’re in a position to criticize it. Taking you seriously would be like listening to a mental patient give a lecture on big bang cosmology. People have to study these subjects for nearly a decade before they can be taken seriously in the academic literature, and you think you know better than them without any accreditation or qualifications whatsoever?

Extremely gradual change we can believe in?

Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but I’ll humor you:

-It’s not a religion.

-What about metamorphosis? It’s a developmental process just like embryo->fetus->person.

-Humans have a bunch of vestigal parts. The tailbone? Appendix? Not sure what you are getting at here, it’s a huge run-on sentence. The species that can’t survive due to a mutation does just that, doesn’t survive. We ourselves kind of cheat nowadays with things like medicine and technology but the rest of the animal kingdom still follows the rules.

-Wasn’t really ages ago, Origin of Species just celebrated it’s 150th birthday. Also evolution was already a pretty coherent theory in Darwin’s time, he just had the breakthrough of figuring out the main rule by which it occurs. Google Neo-Darwinian synthesis for more info. A lot has changed since then of course, but none of it to the detriment of natural selection. Quite the opposite really.

-It depends what sort of proof you want to accept. More epistemology than religion I think.

-Who told you this? It’s just not true lol. The Lenski experiment comes to mind as a direct contradiction to that.

-Cyclops is a comic-book character, he’s not real.

IMO you sound like someone just parroting things other people have told you, instead of looking for answers yourself. The internet is a wonderful tool man, you should learn to use it.

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ICP video was best contribution so far

This gets closed the second it starts going downhill.

Evolution is a mix of anomaly and genetics. If the anomaly helps you survive and/or get laid, then the anomaly will be passed on and your children will have it too, making it more conman and not so much an anomaly.

It IS based on facts and is real. Even in our short lifetime we can see and prove that humans have evolved to be taller on average. A small evolutionary change, but a change nonetheless , and enough to prove its real.

The controversy lies when people use evolution as a theory, in an attempt to explain where we came from. While it is based on some things we can prove, it is still only a theory and as good( or bad) as any other. Anyone that believes that big bang or humans comming from evolution as 100% fact is being just as foolish as those religious peeps that believe they are 100% of our ourgins. So still you are free to understand and believe in evolution as a process, but not believe it played a part in where mankind came from.

Anyhoo as for your examples:

  1. The buttefly.

Well the evolutionist would say that caterpillars found a way to evolve passed their larval stages. Not all of them did at first. But the ones that diddnt died, and we never talk about them as if they never existed. Soon the ones that could, outnumbered the ones that couldnt, and soon after that thats alll there were.

  1. hard sentence to understand…but i think This shows that i dont think you understand how evolution works. If something made you die, you would not evolve. That change would be bad and not get passed on. Like if someone was born with his heart on the outside. He would die when he bumped into a wall, and never get to have kids and never make a population of people with their hearts on the outside.

  2. Mutations: That is true, But mutations are not considered a part of evolution. Mutations are a 1 generation deal and dont get passed on. The mutation dies, and in the futre, no one talks about it like it was never there. Only Genetic based anomalies are considered.

Like say a girl with big tits being born with no family history of big tits. if thats a bad evolutionary change, no man will want her and her she will not evolve. But if its a good evolutionary change, she will have lots of kids with big tits

life is the non random survival of naturally occurring chemical replicators.
that’s kind of the basic idea. you can go from there.

This thread won’t end well…

To you who practices faith in Creationism:
Why did God, an intelligent designer, give all these creatures and animals vestigial limbs? flightless birds with wings? humans born with tails? our appendix? small rear flippers in whales?
Why did God, an intelligent designer, wire our eyes backward?
Why did God, a loving Creator, create wasps that lay eggs in spiders, which then hatch, and eat the spider up from the inside? that’s a pretty sick and disgusting design…

etc etc etc

Let’s not have another religious discussion. Let’s keep this a scientific explanation/defense/validation of the theory of evolution.

Like the theory on plate tectonics and the theory of gravity, it’s accepted by most scientists.

The only people who are against evolution are theists. The entire OP is a religious post. I’m surprised he didn’t preach about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior before we born in hell. The only reason theists don’t believe in evolution is because their church tells them not to, since it pretty much undermines the entire foundation of their faith, that God created humans in His own image, and that he has a Special place for them. The very idea that they are “descended from monkeys” (theists words not mine) offends them.

Weeks brings a good point. I’ll let this stay if you guys plan on discussion the various scientific theories but keep religion out of this.

sure if the OP can offer a non religious and scientific explanation that can account for the diversity of life on Earth, then we can keep religion out of it. If he thinks evolution is an invalid scientific theory, then surely he has some kind of scientific theory of his own that he would like to share. Otherwise, close the thread, because the OP is trolling.

Vestigial remnants, rapidly evolving insects and bacteria > this thread.

Tell me, what purpose would a whale have with budding leg appendages which have no purpose? Why would snakes have random occurrences of vestigial spurs which have no function in locomotion? Why would parasites which were once only found in pigs able to suddenly jump to humans in only a few thousand years?

I guess we’re being “tested” or trolled really hard by someone up above.