The evolution of the control pad for fighting games

Will there ever be a control pad thats equal to or better than the best arcade stick available?

In some ways I find d-pads easier to use, for instance, pixel precise positioning, dashing, parrying, quick blocking.
Sticks have their advantages when it comes to 360’s, fie’s chicken wing and really odd KOF type supers, but this isnt an issue for me because I only play ST and Alpha2.

I purchased a sega saturn usb pad for my PC (a year ago) having read a lot of good reviews about it on SRK but it was possibly the worsed pad i’ve ever used in my life.

Is the official PS2 Sega saturn Pad different to the chinese usb clones for the PC?

My problem with control pads is that I can never find the right one. Some pads have a good d-pad, but the button layout is terrible. Others have the perfect button layout, but the d-pad is garbage.

Might as well learn stick. You can’t play your pad on an arcade cabinet…unless it’s Tekken.

Don’t worry, I’m a pad player and I hate Satpads as well. I prefer having individual buttons to press on a dpad than one that functions like a tiny stick. I mostly depends what you didn’t like about it I guess, if you just didn’t like the feeling of using it like that then don’t bother getting an authentic one, it won’t be any better.

I still use a dualshock 2, haters gonna hate.

to date the best pad I’ve seen is the Dual Shock 2.

I’m hoping the Razer Onza can match it, but for now I’m stuck with the Madatz Fightpad cause the Microsoft Silver 360 Controller isn’t working out too well for me.

a snes pad and a brand new ps1 pad are my current favourites.

Brand new pads? Yuck, you need to break pads in for them to be any good, I hate playing on new ones. (smash players are infamous for this)

also because I didn’t really answer your original question, they’re just a different form of input. I don’t realistically think it’s even possible for something that’s being controlled by one finger to be as precise as something by a wrist, but I’d argue that it’s easier to input faster on a pad compared to a stick (at least initially). You shouldn’t really compare the two beyond preference, although there are obviously more pad players who would probably function better on stick in general.

keyboard players are subhuman scum though!!11

Inb4 tired old pad vs stick thread

6 button Sega Saturn pads- the jp ones- and 6 button sega saturn jp style ps 2 ones blow all other pads out the water. The pc knock off was a piece of crap, reason why it’s like 15 bucks and the sega saturn ones are ranging around 150 to 200. It all depends how you play. You push attack buttons with your thumb or fingers? If thumb might as well get a dual shock or something. If you push attacks with fingers these are the next best thing to the og 6 button jp saturn pads:
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Have a good pad is really all that matters, the button lay out can be complicated with few games but more or less manageable.

Personally i think best pad is Snes pad, true it only has 6 buttons where four face and two trigger but the only games that brings this issue is 6 button with are 3 punches and 3 kicks, only a handful of these games are like that where now we barley get games with 5 mandatory buttons. Besides that the light feel is great and the d-pad is very responsive. Their are number of converter out their to help work an snes to newer generation consoles, simply have to explore.

If you cant find an a snes controller and need a retail store available than I recommend considering the variety of the wii controller, though design for a system not strongly market for fighters, the classic controller are wonders for their better d-pad compare to dual shock and material use in them. ( the may flash converter is te only known classic converter but it support usb and ps3 compatible, 360 is another story)

#1 original classic - will be the closes thing to snes pad your going to get and still has dual analog stick and four triggers. How ever the problem is with its grip design which can be remedy with grip devices that go for no more than 3 dollars on ebay. besides that not many people likes it short length cord. (thou may flash convert remedy this with its convert having a long cord)All these are manageable but the main problem is that these are no’ longer in production but scarcely available in certain stores and online. (beware bootlegs are out their)

#2 Nyko wing classic - This controller handles the grip issue and has a reasonable pad (not better than Nintendo but nice none the less) better lay out for the ZL and ZR. How ever I do not like how its face button are set, unlike the classic and pro, the button are in a perfect diamond shape with the button really close. But this comes second as it still in production and better value than the next controller I’m about to recommend)

#3 classic pro- this a redesign version of the classic and replaces it. It more more less resemble the dual shock controller, this is least popular because the d-pad has an up direction response issue for some ( it doesn’t handle many buffer techniques ), redesign grip that can only be comfortable for some. The L and R triggers are also change to being digital this can be good or bad depending on preference. How ever I would still recommend this over Sony dual sock, it last longer than any dual shock and dual shock 2 which is popular will soon be out of production.

if have to have a sony controller than I at least consider the original non dual shock. I find its rigid design to be long lasting and even comfortable.

From what I learn because controller have been adding so many bells and whistle (quality of buttons, rumble, etc), it cause conflict in some performance, Like Dual shock d-pad register inputs at rate thats makes certain tight command situation difficult where buffering techniques are require. (very to game being played)

Although I use stick, pads I’ve found to be great:
The cheap logitech ps2/usb ones with the wobbly-floaty d-pad (pic)
The wii classic controller (though it might be hard to get to work on anything but the wii so…)

Also, I’ve always thought that weird NeoGeo pad that was remade for ps2 looked awesome.
But I havn’t tried it.

Fuck is an arcade cabinet

What is an arcade

I believe (a huge?) part of the problem is some Nintendo patent as regards d-pads. I vaguely recall hearing that from people with area expertise. =\

If you can find one, I’d check out one of the Neo-Geo pads. Probably my favorite d-pad, it’s basically a mini stick mechanism (microswitches for each direction).

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Try clicking a pen with your wrist, lol. Seriously, I’ve tried using the analogue to play ST and it seems a lot more precise than any ps1 d-pad I’ve used (about as precise as a snes pad but with the potential to be more versatile with 360 characters) only problem is the throw is way too wide.

I think an analogue with a 0.5-1mm engage and throw, with sensors (and not microswitches) may be the next evolution of the pad and with buttons positioned like a trumpet, lol. Yeah it seems odd but if you think about it wouldnt the buttons be a lot easier to hit that way?

Dis is how i play the pad: [media=youtube]9Zqu4_H1O3s[/media]

Just give me DC pad for Marvel and I’m good to go

How do you consistently hit diagonals on a “plus sign” d-pad ? I’d rather use a circulator d-pad. They tend to function like an digital analog stick.

circle d-pads…shudders from thought of them They give me nightmares. I have no control of my fingers on them.

I think the best setup for pad players is a ‘grip’ controller-- something like the Wiimote, with the d-pad and some shoulder buttons-- held in one hand, and a separate panel with arcade buttons for your other hand. I haven’t seen an accessory company (or even amateurs) make a controller like that.

Pretty close.

Nah man, i’m telling you, look at how i play it, put that shit on a knee!
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