The evolution of "your" fighting game


We all know the feeling of getting to play a newly anticipated fighter and want to see how this fighter will be in high level play, or what crazy tech will be found and etc. . For those old and new I want to know about the evolution of your favorite fighting game. Like what were the dominant tactics in the beginning that gave you problems? How did you overcome them? And how has your game evolved since then. Old man rants are encouraged lol.

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I thought Peacock was really good, then people said Valentine was really good but I didn’t believe them, then it died.


People said giants were meh.

I won a major with a giant.

Now the giant I play is S tier and is banned even though the game is dead.


Tell me about the Rumble fighter days.


Those days were the best.

Made a video about advance nanmu juggles.

Suddenly became the “king” of juggles.



Well, old man here.

My game? ST. Played it when SF Collection came out on PSX. I discovered links back in SF Collection on PSX, by doing one accidentally ( shoto) and seeing “2 hit” so I played with all characters, seeing which attacks could “chain” as I called it then. OMG knew links 10+ years before HDR. Anyway, ST never got played around here until 06 or so, and I was ahead of the game. There were fun times, discovering some ST “big shot” somewhere, and putting him down. Played heavily, got to fight Wong, beat him on a DC pad.

Then HDR came out, which after putting in so much time in ST via PSX/MAME/Hyper, I didnt wanna have to relearn 'MY" game. I figured the newly rebudding FGC would hop on that and say Fuck Super Turbo, so I said Fuck Super Turbo. After a while regular ST resurged, and I kinda fell off. I’m not on the level I was pre-HDR, but I usually beat most people, but there are a couple I have problems with.

My goal is get back into “shape” no, actually BETTER than before, and beat everyone with a big name in ST. If I could beat Daigo, Tokido, and a few others, I could happily put down FG’s forever.