The execution in this game confuses me


Not an urgent question by any means, but I want to know out of curiosity.

I’ve recently moved to doing the shortcut for DP because I’m a lazy fuck and I wasn’t getting 100% execution normally. So I went in training and start trying to throw them out from crouching guard.

From left to right, everything works great.
I switch from right to left and suddenly I’m throwing supers/ultras instead.

Now I realise I’m obviously not inputting it correctly, so I turned on the input display… This has just left me more confused. The input does not even remotely match that of a double QCF.

Here’s video of both sides as comparison.

And here’s a screenshot of the last ultra if you’re too lazy to watch the video.

…So, yeah. How are ultras/supers coming out when I’m not even doing a single QCF.

(Edit to clarify: I have fixed my execution so that DPs come out now. But I’m still confused how the ultras come out.)


Supers/Ultras will come out if you hit
d, f, d, f

where the first forward also can be accomplished through df

Because of the input leniency or whatever, there can even be other directions in between or after the last direction
You get super/ultra on the right side because you hit forward.
If you really want to rely on the shortcut make sure you only hit df, d, df.

On the picture you posted from top to bottom numbered:
1 forward fierce (triggers super)
3 down
6 forward
7 down

With these 4 inputs, the game registered a super input.
Try to avoid that raw forward input.
d,df,d,df + punch wont get you a super
d,df,d,f + punch WILL get you a super

screenshot edit


You’re hitting forward. Stay in the corner.

The crouching shortcut for QCFx2 is d, df, d, df, f + punch.

You’re doing db, d, df, d, db, d, df, and if you stopped there you’d just get shoryu. but you roll to f, so you get super/ultra.

just as a reminder, shoryu shortcuts are f, df, f and df, d, df (or d, df, d, df). for the latter, you don’t need to slide all the way to db unless you really need the feedback of hitting the gate.


Alright, thanks for the explanation guys.

…I never thought there was that much leniency in inputs. Now I just feel even worse that I couldn’t regularly ultra until recently.


:f: :df: :uf: also works, never forget this one it can be very handy for some chars.


Huh, how do you apply this/for which chars?