The Execution Thread

What more do I need to say? The better your execution, the better you will be. You got any tips, postem here.

With that being said the below method has really helped my FADC game in many areas including that damn Tatsu > Ultra.


I don’t understand exactly what he’s doing there, but that’s probably because I use a pad. It’s hard for me to consistently get the FADC online because there always seems to be just enough lag.

Plinking cr.forward~cr.jab following a cl.strong, when performing said link/hit-confirm into jab Palm.

I see…

I use a 360 controller, not too confident in my stick yet (I can do the combos but, in heated game play I be pushing wrong buttons and shit right now. Maybe fighting the cpu alot would be good so I can save face. any wayz…

You will primarily use this type of fadc using: hado and palm. Damn his hands!! The key is to continue to hold forward after you do the motion, then you only have to press mp+mp > dash forward once for the FAC instead of trying to dash twice. It removes alot of the extra movement and makes your execution simple, efficient, and comfortable.

My main reason I’ve been doing it this way is to finish w/ Palm Fadc > Ultra in the corner after catching them with HP hado or my hado>palm frame trap. I’m already holding forward, I got 2 or more bars… why the hell not right…I’m making that’s my signature shit It’s way over 450+ damage and if you can pretty much end the match… Do it.

Another good use is for Kongo > Super in the corner or Kongo > lp palm or EX Tatsu for the finisher… Nothing better than seeing your opponent being slapped around by Tatsu at the end of the match. That shit never gets old.

Shits especially funny after they got bitch slapped with the counter

Actually, holding towards can help you buffer in a few situations…

after fireball keep holding forward and then just press down, down-forward and k/p for demon flip or palm when Gouken recovers from the fire ball.

It’s also good to use when you are jumping in to transition to your BNB attack. While airborn hold forward and attack, when you hit the gound press down (fp) and down forward fp or (ex palm). :r::p:, :d::p:, :df::2p: Same execution would apply to jumping in and ending with lp hado / tatsu > FADC whatever as well.

Here’s something else that I need to make a habit of.

When you are walking up to your opponent and you want to use cr. lk/mp/fp/lp > hado, if not executed properly you will sometimes get cr. lk/mp/fp/lp > Palm instead.

To prevent this, when you are walking up to your opponent and you want to poke to hado. use :db::p::qcf::p: instead of, :d::p::df::r::p:.

The reason why is, if you are walking towards the game will sometimes give you palm instead because you initially started your transistion walking forward and using this input :r::d::p::df::r::p:. So you would want to remove the dp motion. :dp: out of your execution.

:r::db::p::qcf::p: will remove the dp input b/c you crouched with :db:, thus you will get accidental palm less.

To work on this: Go to training mode and back your opponent into the corner and keep repeating until you can do it comfortably and rapidly. Then try the other corner, then mid screen on both sides.

Edit: I also discovered that you could use the method that gives you palm, if you want to walk up cr. mp > lp palm FADC > ??? Or you could transition to GF from there.