The Expendables 2 Thread (Complete with Teaser trailer)


This should be awesome.

My body is ready.

Full-on bromo.

The first one was alright but underwhelming considering the cast and potential. However I have faith in this one!

Loved the first one and will definitely see the second one. Full-on bromo is fuckin right!

really? avengers and gi joe dropped pretty much full trailers. and thats the fuckin teaser i get? REALLY?! fuck that.

Take what you can get for now. But yeah i mean the Avengers and especially the GI Joe trailer had me hyped like shit.
This has me a smidged hyped but i’m pretty sure the full trailer will have me jizzing my pants in excitement.

But will Chuck be a heel? Or a face?

fuck a gi joe and avengers. thats for kids. expendables is for MEN

If anyone didn’t like the 1st one for plot, acting, realism or w/e the fuck your excuse is you need to go fucking die. The whole point of it was to be over the top bat shit insane action and it delivered!

Can’t wait to see what type of bull shit they put into this movie. :clapdos:

I thought Jet Li was out so it’s cool to see him back for the sequel.

I am ready to get JCVD’d.

hell yeah, I am pumped, let’s hit the cage and spar braw

No Mickey Rourke in the teaser… But he’s in it. I was worried for a second.

I foresee Expendables 3 to have Nick Cage, John Travolta, Westley Snipes, Samuel L. Jackson, and Russell Crowe added in the mix.

Add in The Rock and for the sake of obscurity and for shits and giggle i say put in Taimak

Hype as hell seein Ahnold with crazy man hair, huge coat, and a big gun.

I must see this. GI:Joe is gonna be cool. Expendables better be full of violence, explosions, and stabbing

Also the hgh, steroids, and just for men gel must have been ordered in bulk for this movie

I demand arnold get 5 one liners, also jcvd looks wtf 20 years younger


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why do I feel like I’m watching Modern Warfare the movie :wtf:


That shit makes you look younger, too???

Now if only it could add a foot or so to his height…

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Same, I fucking love him. Hope he’s in it for more than a few minutes this time.