The Expendables 2


The lack of this thread makes me seriously question the manliness of this board.

Debut Trailer:

Teaser Trailer:



Fuck that shit, and fuck you, Chuck Norris. salutes Chuck with the bird


You are late son…like your period.


Goddamn it, no shit I was finding this weird. Searched for the Expendables not the Expandables, fuck!

And yeah that PG-13 REALLY worries me.


You spelled Expendables wrong too…


gay movie with has beens is gay.


PG-13??? What’s the freakin’ point??

Oh and the title made me think this thread was about porn.


Yeah fuck that PG 13 shit. It’s like "hey let’s take an award winning Top fuel dragster

And engine swap it with this:

Yeah FUCK YOU Chuck Norris.


careful chuck will apper in your mirror and road house your face so fucking hard.

he tried doing that shit to me, but I had ancient chinese vodoo and my ground up tiger/panda bones summoned Bruce Lee to fuck his shit up.


Fuck, chuck norris.


Pimp movie poster for JCVD and Chuck Norris


Fuck Chuck Norris!

Everyone who sees this, be sure to yell fuck at least 8 times in the theater.


I was lucky enough to get into advanced screening, and the story went like:

bang bang bang bang bang bang, bang bang bang cockfight boobies kapow

bang bang bang swoosh boom

The End

Remember, you heard it here first.


My body is ready.


Damn, son.

You have the body of a 13 year old?


Gaadayum. Where’s Arnie?


Do not worry gentlemen, this will be rated-R!


Van Damme looks like a fucking BOSS! :smokin:


New Trailer