The Expendables (2010)

I know there’s barely any info about this movie at the moment, but the cast of this has got me really hype.

Only guy that has me raising an eyebrow is Forest Whitaker. Either way, it looks like Sly is bringing back the 80’s action single handedly.

Oh ya, Micki Rourke of the Wrestler will be in this too.

Wow Statham , Jet li AND Stalone in one movie? Godamn!

Wow, that’s a nice cast.

Can’t forget Dolph Lundgren either.

A buddy of mine mentioned this to me, 2010 seems too damn far away.

Jean Claude van Damme was offered a part right? What the fuck man, he needs to stop with the straight to dvd movies.

Hahahaaaaa man~ Put me in the icebox now.

and Mickey Rourke was announced today. Don’t forget Stallone wrote and is directing as well

Oh man, you’re killing me. I know I should be thankful for what I’m getting, but with Van Damme, you’d be 1 man (Arnold) short of an all star 80’s action cast. I think I’d die after viewing it a couple dozen times cause life would just be downhill from there.


So true.

This is going to be fucking godlike.

If Van Damme and Ahnuld were actually included… nm, I can’t think of the words :open_mouth:

Wow this is going to be fucking epic!

If they were included I would run to an arcade and grab an MVC2 cab and take that shit right out of the place, carrying it on my back.

As far as Statham goes, Crank 2 will keep me good for a while.

Bring back Charles Bronson with voodoo powers.


Bronson and Brynner both!!

Snipes needs to get in this. Maybe Kurt Russel, but maybe that’s too much.

Get some Norm McDonald up in this bitch. He can play Boomhauer.

Do you even know how many motherfuckers are gonna die in this movie!! I can’t wait!

Wow. This. Looks. Epic.

wow…the storyline even has the 80s feel to it…I need at least one of those epic old school slo-mo run fomr the explosion moments…

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