The Extreme Sports Thread

So any of you guys into extreme sports? You can use this thread to post your favourite action sports moments or anything related, in genres such as inline, skateboarding, BMX, FMX, or hell even extreme ironing if you wish.

Personally I think the most impressive extreme sport right now is Freestyle Motocross, I never used to like it in the nineties as it was really basic. But over the past decade this sport has took off and is reaching truely insane levels, Evel Knievel doesn’t come close to the things they’re doing now (thanks to technology I supose).

As scrubby as it is, I think one of the most impressive moments in recent FMX was [media=youtube]lb5lfxlKMBY[/media] at last year’s X Games. It shows the tremendous ammount of balls and skill that goes into this sport and it doesn’t stop getting better. Guys are now working on backflip 360’s and even front flips to pull out at future events. I’m deffinately looking forward to see what comes from this sport in the future.

Anyway enough about that, here’s some of my favourite tricks I’ve seen so far on Youtube.





More to come… Please share your favourite moments…

Sorry all I ride is flatland.

Lee Mussellwhite
I wish he would compete more just so new riders can see what it means to have a unique style.

Justin Miller
I like Justin because he doesnt really use the same runs in comps. Variations maybe but he usually is always working on new shit to bust in contests. That and he’s just unbelieveably sick on the front wheel.

flatground 07 comp

hahahah Martti finally landed this. sick.sick.sick

Na that’s cool man, anything goes… Damn, that 180 tailwhip was nice!

I’ve never really watched much flatland… I do admire it though as it’s a very elegant style of BMX riding. For me though, it’s all about big air. I don’t know, flatland pushes limits deffinately, but i find the huge tricks to be the most entertaining. Big air kind of says to me that humanity is growing, I don’t think you would find anyone 20 odd years ago who would ride things like the mega ramp.


Kevin Robinson is gold! Pun intended lol…


Yeah man, same… But we’re kind of unlucky living in the UK, if you don’t own a farm or a plot of land you haven’t really got anywhere to ride. Unless you spend stupid money legalising your dirt bike for on the road.

No that’s cool demon. I have great respect for all forms of BMX. Hell I even like watching Trials vids. It takes huge balls to ride, vert and dirt so they get nothing but respect from me. Funny thing though Mirra used to ride flat before getting into vert. I’ve got the Dorkin’ York series with him doing multi whips when he was younger. Flatland just works for me even if I’m still garbage at it.



That’s me about 3 years ago in “video groove video magazine”. It’s about the rollerblading equivalent of 411vm. And before you say, “Blah blah fruitbooter fag whatever.” I’ve been hearing that for about 10 years so it’s falling on deaf ears.

(the big shirt looks stupid i know, but thats what was cool back then :sweat:)