The "EY EY EY" crowd yell

As annoying, yet funny as some the board thinks it is being whored out at Evo and SBO, I’m just curious, has this been done to other moves in other games than Genei Jin or in Muay Thai fights?

usa players made it gay…

its only cool when japs do it

They do it in Muay Thai fights? I don’t think it’s annoying, I think it’s funny as hell. :rofl:

Was one of my favorite parts of the earlier ranbats, hahaha.

GJ is a predictable juggle, so… yeah, I don’t know about anything else.

Hell yeah it’s funny. Thai Kickboxing fights are where it all started, years before the Japanese leaked it into gaming.

Watch the kickboxer movies (the Van Damme ones, not with “Cody” in them).

I’m surprised there are none of those moments in Guilty Gear XX #Reload, I’m sure there are alot of them that are worthy of that cheer. The only thing closest to that I’ve heard in #R is a dozen guys mimicking Sol Badguy everytime he dust loops somebody depending on what voice was picked.

You’re right, the US guys made it sound really ‘un-cool’.

They fucking ‘ey’ every hit.


“ey” = Snap Out juggle the assist. :tup:

Oh shit! I can see and hear that in my head now with Magneto…

or maybe Sentinel drones…

c-kim stompings at corner after lvl 2. man, that’s a dope ass combo.

Its true the US players ruined it

especially when they start right after the first hit and its nothing spectacular so it just fades off into an “Eyeeeh”~ once they realize they shouldnt of opened thier mouths


Now that’s what I hate. Everytime something like a Kara Palm or a throw pops up or at least the last frame of a dive kick and it hits out of luck, those guys are screaming “AAAAYYYY!!!”. The FFA guys are notorious for that.

I just remembered, I was around a few guys did it in Melty Blood React a few months ago. Satsuki beat Shiki Nanaya and kept him up for about 10 seconds with light punches while the screen said KO, I was like dozing off into a nap and they woke me up going EY EY EY .

This happens in the Jap vids quiet often too.

Best part is when the Yun player resets the Genei Jin combo so the crowd can STFU!

its no where near as annoying as the cocky bastards that yell “oy” whenever you combo them or whatever, as if they are so good they are in shock when it happens to them.

SBO3 GGXX#R. Arisaka vs. Kaqn, and Ariska vs. Ogawa, you can hear them chanting for Robo’s command-throw combo.

I’ve heard it done during a SAII Makoto combo.

First I saw was in the SBO3 finals. The Japanese sure like to get into their games… o_O

ya ffa people are stupid.

thats why theyre japan and were all mongolians.

Yeah, in the finals of the Japanese 3S Cooperation Cup. I loved that combo, pure Makoto pwnage.

Haha, I want links to some of these said matches. :sad:

STORNGLY AGREE !! it sounded like Fred durst doing his hey~ hey~ in his song title ‘nuki’