The "EY EY EY" crowd yell

You guys have to watch the Evo 2k2 match where Combofiend plays Ken I.

That shit was hilarious.

t was HAI HAI instead of Ey ey, and that works faaaaaaaaar better.


“EY EY EY!” Is old news. It’s all about “Huh-Juh,” “Hu-Juh”, Hu-Juh-Juh-Juh-Juh-Juh!" with Dudley corner combos, followed by a Corkscrew Blow on characters that can be swept 6 times in a row.

Hahah remember the video when Daigo went to France & the French people were doing that while he played against Billy Kane’s Yun? The more horrible it sounded, the funnier, especially when you could hear the loud ass announcer leading it off. Can’t believe it’s spreading in Europe as well. I don’t know what to say about some of y’all making it a “race” thing, **it’s just fun. silly. stuff. **

I’ve seen a few Tekken 5 matches whenever Steve did a juggle combo. :confused:

I believe the song is Nookie… isn’t Nuki a Chun player?

huh? it sounds gay no matter who is saying it…its like chanting at baseball games or the wave…gay…

Its annoying and lame.

The ffa crowd does it way toooooo much. Some people started shouting random stuff during marvel to show how annoying it is. I’m with Philth on this one.

Ey! Ey! Ey!

if you watch real close… magneto winks at you when you hit one.

I love it when the crowd really gets into the match, and the ei ei ei is definitely fine by me. It’s just all about having fun, and it really shows that fighters have a healthy scene when the heat of the match can be seen and heard. Better than just shutting up anti-socially…

Id rather they STFU then be annoying as fuck.
I dont mind the crowd getting into it… but it sounds more like dorks being violated with strap-ons then cheering.

the first and only time i’ve witnessed the “ey! ey! ey!” phenomenon is on the first(?) beat-tribe a3 tourney. a few matches from this tournament can be currently found at if the rest of the matches ever get uploaded, make sure you check them out if you’re a serious a3 player. the play level for the most part is exceptionally high, even if some the more standard vcs weren’t known then. in the tourney, the chant was performed every time a certain rolento player, known as ba-q, would perform his patriot circle. for each connected swing of the baton, the audience would fervently scream the phrase.

lol i love “EY”

I yell it out myself when i’m using Yun SAIII just to be annoying and making the opponent act out of haste. I also do it when i use Ryu and stun somebody and they have little life left and kill them with shoryuken or an EX attack and yell EYYYY.

i for one prefer the moonsault press whooaaaaaaa

but the ey’s for genei jin dont bug me, but i think that anything cool should get its own sound effect, so praps thats what we need, and then written documentation for the scrubs so they know what sounds to make for what moves

fuckjing japanophiles in here man… :tdown:

I can’t even watch half the match vids put up by US players anymore. 99% of the time some dumb fuck is yelling “EY!” or worse yet “OWWWWWNAGE!!!” Seriously, one kid kept yelling that for every hit, even fucking throws. :lame:

I’ve… never heard anyone yell “OWWWWNAAGEE!!” in a vid before. o_O

And I’ve only heard EY! in a couple RanBats so it’s still awesome to me. US players would probably make it lame, though, I’m sure.

The crowd = one big piano metronome.

Hell yeah. Ghetto Genei Jin forever. "Ei"s are great.