--- The fabled ECC9 Top 16 MvC2 footage ---

i know i’m a bit late, but i’ve been busy for the last… well… uhm few years :wink:

(as of this moment, all the marvel footage in my profile are ecc9 match vids)

i will be getting this footage to zach very soon to mirror.

as a 3 yr recap, here are the results from this tournament:

mvc2 (108 people)
1st - Justin Wong (ny)
2nd - Sanford Kelly (ny)
3rd - Rodolfo Castro (wa)
4th - Jason Mar (wa)
5th - ORG (ny)
5th - Rick Mears (pa)
7th - Jason Kuan (wa)
7th - Mixup (fl)
9th - Eddie Lee (ny)
9th - MagnetoX (la)
9th - Sentinaal (fl)
9th - Demon Hyo (pa)
13th - Ricky Ortiz (ca)
13th - Shawn Morgan (nj)
13th - Desmond Pinkney (ny)
13th - Lincoln Morris (ny)
( results link: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=63044 )

i will also start to post some other vids from my archive on youtube just for kicks. :wgrin:


Random roundhouse for the win…

Is theis the ECC where Mixup had Jwong’s cyke in the infinite for the win and then snapped in Sent for the loss?? :rofl:

What did Jwong and Sanford do at the ende of the grand finals when sanford was down to CapCom? Did they just walk away?

I thought Kuan vs. Sanford was pretty great.

Wow i feel bad for JMar vs Rowtron match :sad: That was a great matchup

Any hopes on this? Perhaps preppy will ‘suprise’ us when his site comes back alive after such a failed terrorist attempt. :smiley: