The Faces of Norcal 3rd Strike


K so I don’t like bragging(who does?) but you guys have no idea who you’re fucking with. SO I’ll show you

So what? It’s on dog gonnit! Whoever want it provide raw chronic


What about Blackuma and black rob?


well i already took blackuma’s color and I also think I have covered the legend extensively. Robert though… which character is he anyway? Kind of a rare pokemon these days. Always at work and shit or something


Also I will have my feelings hurt if you don’t all use these as avatars
i guess


wheres nieman?


Hope to see you guys at Evo. Tell Kinetix please come.


With this, 3rd Strike enters a new era of cultural renaissance.


Can you update the matchup #

on JB Gouki, he doesn’t have one :sad:

Or even JB Gouki vs JP Gouki :smokin:


Jimmy is the funniest one lolollll


This is the best ever. Black Robert would be Alex.


I have decided to take on black robert’s case, free of charge


Best thread. And yeah dude, you got to include Black Rob.


Added Black Robert and Jbluntz matchup. This now includes every face I came up with


Still need David. Make him look like Oro.


FUCK you’re right. And I should add seabass as well. Then I think this work is complete.


I don’t know what oro color seb plays. And it would be wrong to leave out david as dudley. But it would also be wrong to leave him out as oro.


seabass is blue!


Yeah, David should be Dudley, even if he doesn’t really use him much anymore. Seabastian is Oro (in real life + now dr. mario).


Also - I love your work, but Chuck doesn’t look like Yun. He should have a skateboard and hat. Or is because he is such a nice guy, he gets to remain human?


I need to do a thread like this for the Austin 3S scene.