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This post is going to be haphazard as I am trying to play a game of DotA at the same time. You don’t know shit about my Chen!

I was pretty new to the fighting game community when SF4 came out. I had just gotten into 3rd Strike and was learning the basics of zoning and all that. Anyways, I learned ‘fair’ very quickly when 4 came out. I played my friend right? I picked Akuma (Based solely on the fact that Akuma is the greatest character in ANY fighting game ever… fact). Sure of victory, I wished my friend, and fighting game mentor, good luck. Well the round started and I got my dick hole smashed and my rectal virginity stolen by Sagat. I said, “Woah… What just happened?” to which he replied… “Don’t worry. Sagat is fair and balanced.”

That was my first exposure to the word fair in a fighting game. If my first encounter with ‘fair’ was against Sagat, it cant get any worse. Fair is fine for me now. I have seen the worst there is and have risen from the dust a new fighter. A bloodier less virginy fighter… but new none the less.

What makes fighting games so great is that there -are- unique changing challenges that you must overcome or you will be destroyed in front of your friends. Now, nothing gives me more pleasure than punching Sagat players right on the tips of their penises. Quit crying and learn to play the game. If you get beat by a move that is “unfair”, learn how to get around it. Be forced to be a better player. Find people that beat you every game, and play them none stop.

Xbox Gamer tag: CallmeVoltron85 I’m only around the 2.5k level, but if you have some game and want to play hit me up. Akuma is ready for all.

PS: Sagats f.lk cancel into dp or whatever is unfair. Who does that shit?

definitely did not deserve it’s on thread

Is your name Ponder and is this the Domination 101 section?


TBH I didn’t think much of the “fair” post.

First when talking about the Cammy’s ultra being stuffed by the lariet complaint he missed the entire point of it (that lariet’s hitboxes are dodgy when you look at what is happening in the animation)

I think his 2nd point is fair enough.

But his 3rd one, actively defending poor character balence is just terrible, we should be able to complain about it so the devs know to patch it or fix it in future releases. (I know for a fact that I will not even touch the MvC2 re-release unless it is decently balenced)

Keits posted (and took down) the whole post where he defended SF4’s Ultras, and he’s demonstrated other questionable behavior. Can’t say I have a whole lot of respect for his observations.

If you hate SFIV Ultra’s, you are hating on ST’s supers.
And honestly, unless you are really low on life, Ultra’s don’t deal that much damage. shrugs


Also, in super turbo you created meter by doing specials or hitting. With Utras the meter is gained by absorbing attacks or taking damage.

Oh cool let’s throw in a move that gives the char total inv and no startup whatsoever.

oh cool lets not block

This thread is epic fail.









Know the low rider.

There are so very many things wrong with this statement…

This guy knows what it’s all about. Hell yeah… screw the Hokey Pokey. Forgive me members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I know the Hokey Pokey is a religious dance of yours, and I mean nothing by it.



I have come to several amazing conclusions about fighting games!!